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CentiMark Blog

In our fifth decade in the roofing industry, we take great pride in the people and professionalism that drive CentiMark to new levels of success and excellence in roofing and flooring.

Get Ahead of Roofing Problems Caused By Winter Weather

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A tough winter can cause roofing problems! Your roof could have damage from snow, ice or extreme temperatures. These winter-weather factors can cause structural and insulation damage, mold and/or clogged gutters. Temperature extremes and thermal shock place stress on the roof and may cause micro-cracks as the roofing materials expand and contract.

With spring rains, wind and hail coming soon, your roof needs maintenance attention now. Twice-a-year roof inspections and maintenance are essential to the life span of a roof. Winter inspections take care of problems created in winter; fall inspections get your roof ready for winter.

Those icicles may look beautiful but can cause damage to the roof membrane when they fall on the roof surface; sliding ice can place pressure on the seams of roofing materials that may cause roof leaks.

Winter-related problems that a professional roofing contractor looks for:

    • Damage at counter flashing and other metal details
    • Gutter and downspout damage from the weight of snow and ice
    • Cracks around vent pipes
    • Blocked roof vents, gutters, scuppers, drains and downspouts
    • Skylight damage
    • Compromised roof flashings

Inside your building, you can also check for damage: moist insulation, visible water damage or mold. These are all signs of potential roofing and/or drainage problems.

Get ahead of roofing problems caused by winter weather and schedule your winter roof inspection by filling out the form. A CentiMark representative will inspect your roof, produce a full report with photos and work with you on any needed repair solutions.

Schedule Your Winter Inspection Here

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