Winter Freeze on Pricing

 CentiMark | Commercial Roofing & Flooring Company

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Emergency Roof Leak Services: Call: 855-483-1975 / Or Click Here



How the Program Works

  • Commit your roofing or flooring project to CentiMark or QuestMark now and freeze your price through June 2018
  • Pay for your investment upon completion in 2018
  • Receive priority scheduling



  • Roofing - No-cost emergency patch and repair services as part of a leak control program until your roofing project begins.*
  • Flooring - No-cost large unit of QuestMark’s Plastic Mortar floor patch and heavy duty resurfacer, installed by our professional flooring technicians. Approximate coverage is 20 square feet at ¼”.
  • Optional short-term 0% payment terms (up to three months) through CentiMark/QuestMark upon credit approval.
  • Optional long-term financing (up to five years) through Westminster Financial Services upon credit approval.

*Up to two (2) no cost emergency patch and repair services after placing an order with CentiMark.

Winter Freeze on Pricing

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