The Effects of Environmental Conditions on Roofing

Hurricane Matthew recently reminded all of us in the roofing industry that weather and environmental conditions can have a huge effect on your roof. There are many far more subtle conditions that exist and can cause detrimental conditions leading to premature roof failure: wind, rain, snow, freezing temperatures and heat. Each of these factors has a different effect on your roof and manifests itself in different ways. Understanding the effects of each condition and identifying the symptoms they reveal is critical to making the best roofing decisions and extending the life of your roofing asset.

WindWind can cause roofs to perform (or fail to perform) in strange ways. While a roof is typically not designed to handle the wind speeds and pressure associated with a tornado or category five hurricane, it certainly should be able to withstand lower wind speeds and pressures. But how does wind affect your roof? Wind typically has its greatest effect on roofs at the perimeter edge and corners. It is at the edge of a building where the wind often creates a negative pressure or a suction force. This can place pressures on the edge and, if details are not adequately secured, it can lead to the roof peeling. Through repeated wind cycles, edge details can loosen and the roof system will begin to fail. Wind events also cause roofing issues that are associated with debris, tree branches or parts of mechanical units blowing across your roof causing punctures, damage and leaks in their wake.

RainRain can also place pressure on the performance of the roof system. It is the function of the roof to properly channel rain off of the top of the building. Water that is not removed from roof surfaces can lead to many future problems including those associated with the long-term roof performance and weight load problems. To shed water from the building, the roof must have a proper drainage system. This includes being sure there is slope to the drains or gutters and that the drainage system is properly sized to handle the rain storms that are typical of the geographical area of the building. Common calculations can be performed to determine if the number of drains, size of the gutters and the amount of downspouts or drain lines are sufficient to meet the needs of your building.

SnowSnow brings about a unique set of roofing challenges. When there is a substantial snow event, the weight of the snow can place stress on the building structure that it may not have been originally designed to hold. This condition can be exacerbated when drifts cause large piles of snow to accumulate in one area of the roof. Extended accumulation of snow and drifts, if not removed quickly, may lead to the structural integrity of the building being compromised. When snow levels get to a critical point, snow removal needs to take place. Using a roofing contractor to perform this removal is important. Snow removal procedures should be done with an understanding of what rooftop pipes, equipment and skylights are in place and their location. Additionally, those removing the snow should be secured with fall protection and knowledgeable in methods that don’t damage the roof surface.


Freezing temperatures also place unique pressures on the roof system. When water freezes, it expands. This places stress on the roof if there is any moisture present. It is for this reason that it is so important that drain lines, gutters and downspouts, along with other drainage system components, remain open and unencumbered during freezing conditions. If these conditions exist, a steaming process can be done to eliminate ice blockage of drainage areas.



Heat also places stress on a roofing system. In the case of bitumen based roofing systems, it can accelerate the leaching of the light oils from the bitumen. This can allow premature deterioration of the water resistance characteristics associated with these products. With single ply roof systems, heat can lead to premature plasticizer migration in PVC membranes causing its life cycle to be shortened. Heat can also adversely affect other single ply roof systems as well. An obvious adverse effect of heat on the roof is the added load it places on the air conditioning system. Before installing a roof, understand how the roof membrane and the type and amount of insulation can affect both your heating and cooling costs. These evaluations are readily available and can be provided at little or no cost.

Mother Nature is tough and is ultimately going to get the best of any roof system! The only question is how long can you keep her at bay and delay the need for a new roof. Understanding the environmental effects she places on a roof and putting preventative maintenance programs and procedures in place to slow the deterioration is money well spent.

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Prepare for Winter with a Fall Preventative Maintenance Inspection

InspectionWith Winter right around the corner it is important to have your roof inspected. Even if you aren’t located in a climate that gets snow, a Fall Preventative Maintenance Inspection will help with keeping your roof clean and identifying any potential repairs or improvements that may be needed. Here are some of the items that should be inspected and addressed with a Fall Preventative Maintenance Inspection:

  • Drainage - Make sure that water is properly draining from your roof. All drains, scuppers, gutters and downspouts will be checked. All strainer baskets will also be cleaned and inspected for proper attachment.
  • Flashings - All flashings will be inspected and verified that they are secure and sealed so water won't accumulate under them and potentially freeze in the cooler temperatures.
  • HVAC and other Projections - Ensure there hasn’t been any alterations made to any projections. If there have been, make sure all are flashed and properly sealed.
  • Metal Details - Inspect and make sure they are secure and installed properly.
  • Pitch Pans - Check to insure they are all sealed properly.
  • Roof Surface - Inspect the entire roof surface for any wind, hail or other damage.
  • Building Use - Has anything changed with the building use that would cause changes to the roof such as oils or grease that may be emitted from manufacturing processes? If changes have occurred, are there any items that need to be addressed on the roof to accommodate for the building changes?
  • Safety - Review of roof safety protocol to make sure the roof is a safe place. Are there any safety considerations to take prior to winter? Some of those items would include rail hatch systems, walk pads, snow guards and heat tape.

After any roof inspection, make sure you are receiving a full written report with photos and fully understand any recommended repairs. The overall goal of the inspection is to ensure your roof is in good condition and will remain that way throughout its useful life.

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QuestMark Launches an Updated Online Catalog

QuestMarkCatalogQuestMark is excited to announce the launch of our updated online flooring catalog. The QuestMark online catalog offers a wide variety of do-it-yourself (DIY) products. We offer floor patch, coatings, floor maintenance products, along with the tools and accessories needed to get the job done.

The online catalog has a new look and added improvements:

  • Punch out capabilities – purchase your needed products from within your procurement application and store pertinent information
  • Easier navigation
  • Advanced checkout options – view past orders, reorder and view order status as well as check out with credit cards, purchase orders or PunchOut

In addition to all the products available through the catalog, you can also find the following:

  • SDS sheets
  • Technical data sheets
  • Product directions
  • Educational videos
  • Spend reporting by product or location

If you already have an account with QuestMark your information will be automatically transferred for your convenience. If you do not have an account, please go to the catalog and create one so you can start enjoying all the benefits of shopping online with QuestMark. For any assistance with the catalog or the products online, please contact our Ecommerce Manager, Bob Power at

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Labor Trends in the Roofing Industry and CentiMark’s Proactive Initiatives

LaborTrendsYour roof is only as good as the people who install it. At CentiMark, we work very hard to find the best qualified associates, from roofing crews to management. Both finding and developing a strong labor force is what truly differentiates one contractor from another. We aggressively invest both time and money into finding, retaining and promoting workers. We take pride in the tenure of our workforce to include 100 associates who have 20+ years of experience with CentiMark and 22 associates who have 30+ years with the company.

Over the past years, the construction industry has had the challenge of labor and skilled workforce shortages. This trend is expected to continue into 2017. The challenges of the workforce shortage that impact the industry include:

  • Maintaining worker-quality and safety with inexperienced skilled labor
  • Increases in pay, bonuses or benefits to solicit and maintain workers
  • Investment costs for recruiting and training for new hires
  • Compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Rising healthcare costs

To help overcome these challenges, CentiMark invests in recruitment, training and retaining our employees not only for our benefit, but for our customers. Consistency in our workforce, specifically our crews, helps ensure the quality workmanship and attention to details that is the CentiMark Difference. Here is how we overcome these challenges.

To help attract and maintain associates, CentiMark workers are part-owners of the company through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program). This gives our associates an added financial incentive to work smartly, efficiently and safely. We also offer competitive wages and salary, a comprehensive benefit plan and opportunities for training, advancement and relocation.

We have invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art safety equipment and training programs. To increase production, reduce duplicate movement of roofing materials and waste and keep job sites safer, we partner with equipment manufacturers to customize equipment for efficiency and to maximize work processes. For example, we utilize wheelbarrows that are rounded - not square - to facilitate the removal of roofing tear-off materials to fit through round trash shoots to move materials to dumpsters. This has reduced the manual labor time required to lift and push the materials from a square wheelbarrow into a round trash shoot and reduces related injuries.

We utilize CentiMark human resource recruiters throughout the United States and Canada to identify potential candidates. Some successful opportunities and strategies to meet potential applicants include:

  • We brand CentiMark not only as a great company to work for but also one that provides good financial opportunities, benefits, training, advancement and relocation opportunities. 
  • We promote CentiMark as a career choice - not just a job in construction.
  • To maximize recruitment efforts from laborers to professionals, we list jobs openings on CentiMark’s website and other online job sites including Jazz, LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Craigslist and Careerjet.
  • Our recruiters use targeted mailers, email campaigns, referral bonus programs for current employees, radio ads, newspaper ads, coffee cup sleeves and sponsorship of youth sports teams.
  • To brand CentiMark in the community, we utilize CentiMark banners on jobsites and signage on CentiMark vans and trucks.
  • Our recruiters make presentations to various groups and build partnerships and relationships in the community. They attend job fairs with Job Corps, technical schools, community colleges, veterans groups, non-profit organizations and community centers to find potential employees.
  • Once a candidate is hired by CentiMark, our Human Resources staff work at onboarding with the new associates. We have established procedures to make new associates feel welcome, informed and ultimately successful. We follow-up with the associates to see how they are progressing in their training and day-to-day job.

In many ways, recruiting candidates is like selling: you have to be persistent, resourceful, passionate and positive. Our focus on recruiting and retaining our associates makes a difference for you, our customers through the quality workmanship and attention to the details.

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CentiMark Solidifies It’s Mark on the Roofing Industry

RoofingMagCoverCheck out Roofing Contractor's 2016 Top 100 Roofing Contractors - featuring ‪CentiMark‬ in the top spot along with the feature article - On The Mark.

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Long, Hot Summer - Can the Sun Damage My Roof?

RoofDamageCan the sun damage my roof? That’s an interesting and complex question. Do you know that there are both beneficial and detrimental aspects of sunlight and its effect on your roof?

On the positive side, the sun can help provide light for interior spaces through prismatic skylights, create a more natural work environment and save significantly on energy costs. The sun can also serve to reduce costs and may provide an actual income stream through photovoltaic solar systems on a roof.

However, the sun is one of the harshest elements of nature that affects a roof. Hot, dry weather can crack a roofing membrane which can result in roof leaks once it does rain. Don’t think dry weather means your roof is OK.

The sun’s intensity and related heat can cause the roof and flashings to fail prematurely. Even roof systems utilizing white reflective membranes can experience problems due to extreme exposure to the sun and heat loads. Asphalt based roofs, when exposed to the sun and any standing water, may result in the light oils leaching from the waterproofing bitumen and cause premature failure.

These are reasons why routine inspections and Preventative Maintenance programs are key to preventing roof failure.

After Summer months of extreme high temperatures, strong storms and high winds can bring roof damage that can cause headaches with the onset of Autumn and Winter weather. Be proactive and minimize future roofing problems by taking advantage of our Fall Preventative Maintenance programs. By addressing any concerns in the Fall, you are preparing your roof for the predicted harsh Winter weather.

Let CentiMark help you complete the items on your Fall To-Do List for your roof.

  • Schedule a roof inspection - check for roof leaks, debris on roof, existing or potential roof problems.
  • Familiarize yourself with the 50-point inspection checklist.
  • For white TPO roofs, schedule a roof cleaning of the dirt, grime, algae and mold.
  • Review your preventative maintenance needs as outlined on your roof warranty.
  • Be familiar with CentiMark’s online tools to help you document your roofing needs.
  • Download the CentiMark Mobile App on your cell phone or tablet to quickly and efficiently request service on your roof for leaks or other problems.
  • For current customers, review your MyCentiMark account to see what your past problems have been. What suggestions were made for roofing improvements. Is it time to schedule those improvements?
  • Plan your roofing budget for 2017 with your CentiMark Project Managers.

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How To Select the Right Roofing Contractor

ChecklistIt’s amazing to see the number of buyers who purchase roof systems with the primary consideration being the type of roof system that will be installed. So little time is spent on selecting the contractor installing the roof system!

If you owned a race team would you invest millions of dollars in the very best car and then have an inexperienced rookie drive your multi-million dollar race car? Of course not! Yet every day, building owners make a similar mistake!

Make no mistake about it, the roof system selection is important. Being sure that a system utilizes the right type and amount of insulation, insulation attachment method, proper roof membrane selection and thickness and its attachment method are all very important. But the harsh reality is, you can specify the very best and most expensive materials but if the person who installs the products is an average or poor installer, then you are going to end up with an average or poor roofing system and potentially not maximizing your investment.

The question facing building owners should not only be which roof system to install but also which contractor to select to install their roof system to protect and maximize their investment?

Listed below are five items that can help in the selection process:

  1. Does the contractor have experience with the type of roof system being installed? Keep in mind that there is a capital investment required in the form of tools and equipment with each roof system. If a contractor only has experience with one roof system, then they are going to suggest that system to you regardless of your needs.
  2. Check references. Ask for references of customers who have had leaks or issues in the past. This will let you know how the contractor reacts should an issue take place. Anyone can give ten references of good customers, but a good contractor separates himself from the competition depending upon how he reacts when things do not go as well as planned.
  3. Service after the sale capabilities. Does the contractor have a division that specializes in customer service? Many contractors will do customer service calls by pulling from a production crew. This creates a conflict of interest as the contractor does not want to slow production and lose money. Also a production employee does not handle service work and Preventative Maintenance as well as someone with a dedicated service crew that works every day.
  4. Read the fine print, review the warranty. Remember the warranty is written to protect the person who wrote it. What do you want covered in the warranty? Does the proposed warranty provide this coverage? Ask for a custom warranty so the very reasons why your existing roof system failed are covered in the new warranty. Also be sure to review and understand warranty exclusions.
  5. Pay attention to the details. Putting down the field of a roof is not hard. It is the quality installation of flashings, details and workmanship that will determine the success of a roofing project! Will the contractor you select utilize subcontractors? Will the Foreman or Assistant Foreman be the people that are doing the detail work? How much experience do they have? Do they have on average over 10 years roofing experience? If not, why would you trust your investment to them?

CentiMark can answer your questions and walk you through your options. In the end, we want you to be comfortable with the decisions you make for your company and your building.

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Need to Improve your Facilities Traffic Deck?

TrafficDeckTraffic deck coating systems are now available from QuestMark. These systems will provide superior waterproofing protection and durability for your pedestrian and vehicular traffic decks. The coating systems are able to bridge substrate cracks and are flexible in cold temperatures. They can stand up to the sun’s UV rays providing excellent UV resistance.

Pedestrian Deck Systems

  • Superior waterproofing protection and durability
  • Prevents deterioration of concrete or plywood decks
  • Higher mil thickness available for heavy traffic areas
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Skid resistance

Vehicular Traffic Deck Systems

  • Superior waterproofing protection and durability
  • Protects decks from effects of water, freeze-thaw cycles, environmental conditions and chemicals from vehicles
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Skid resistance

Applications include:

  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Balconies and sun decks
  • Plaza decks
  • Parking structures
  • Heliports
  • Loading docks
  • Emergency entrances
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Rooftop recreational areas

    Several different coating systems are available for your different traffic environments. Contact us today to review which system is best for your traffic needs.

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Are you asking yourself if you should repair or replace your building’s roof?

This is a question many building owners struggle with. The answer varies depending on each situation. Understanding the type of roof assembly and the existing condition of your roof is important to make a good decision.


Understanding Your Roof Assembly

There are many components of your roof assembly. Three critical components include the roof membrane, insulation and structural deck. Understanding the types, current condition of your roof membrane and the environmental conditions it is exposed to is important. Environmental conditions such as emissions on your roof, roof-top traffic, slope, and drainage all determine the expected life of your roof. The climate, building use and applicable codes will largely influence the type and amount of insulation. To determine the optimal amount of insulation for your roof, an energy study should be completed. Your type of roof deck will determine your options regarding how both the insulation and roof membrane will be attached to your building.

Understanding the Condition of Your Roof

A thorough inspection of your roof should include a detailed condition report with photographs. The condition report should identify the roof assembly to include the type of deck, type and amounts of insulation, how the insulation is secured to the deck, the type and condition of the waterproofing membrane, how the roofing membrane is attached, the condition of roofing flashings, and other detail work to include how the roof drains. In addition to a condition report, perform supplemental tests such as an infrared or nuclear thermal scan to determine moisture levels of the insulation. A comprehensive understanding of the condition of your roof and its expected remaining life is critical to making a good repair versus replace decision. The condition report should be objective and not subjective in nature and based upon facts.

Understand Your Risk vs. Reward

Roof repairs extend the life of the roofing asset. Repairs are typically lower-cost and shorter-term operation expense options. A new roof is typically a more significant investment and a capital budget expense.

It is important to understand the right time to replace your roof. Risks in waiting too long include wet insulation making it unusable with a new roof, compromised decking due to excessive moisture, and persistent leaks. All these risks contribute to unsafe conditions and added costs to roof replacement. The risks in replacing too early is a premature capital expense. Weighting the risk versus reward and the timing will help you in making your final decision.

Here are some questions that will help you make the final decision to repair or replace your roof:

  • What is the remaining service life of the roof?
  • Am I looking for a long-term or short-term solution?
  • What is my capital and operating budget for roofing?
  • Is the roof membrane functioning or failing?
  • How are the existing roof leaks affecting my business?
  • What is my tolerance for leaks?
  • Do I have a clear understanding of the risk associated with additional moisture entering into the building envelope?
  • How are current leaks affecting the roof insulation?
  • Is there a clear understanding of the unit cost associated with the removal and replacement of moisture damaged insulation?
  • Have existing roof leaks caused the roof deck to be compromised in any way?
  • Is there a clear understanding of the unit cost associated with the removal and replacement of moisture damaged deck?
  • What is my time frame for a new roof?
  • Will lower maintenance costs offset the costs for current maintenance and repairs?
  • Am I working with a reliable, reputable, financially strong roofing contractor?

Along with all of these items, it is important to hire a roofing contractor that has dedicated crews for both repair and replacement. This will ensure you are getting the best craftsmanship for your project. 

Collecting all this information is important to make the best decision for your building and business.

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Do You Know The Condition of Your Roof?

RoofConditionKnowing the condition of your roof can extend its life.

The goal for your long-term investment is to get a good return and keep your building watertight. When there are problems with your roof, those issues cannot be ignored.

Weather, chemical pollutants, rooftop traffic and moisture are all factors affecting the overall condition of your roof.

With CentiMark’s Roof Evaluation Services, we can tailor a program to increase your ROI (Return on Investment) and help you get maximum value from your roofing dollars.

Roof Proposal - free roof condition report, photographs, suggested scope of work, construction details and pricing.

Asset Alert Program - evaluation of roof conditions that identify the expected life of the roof. The scope of work includes preventative maintenance, roof repairs or roof replacement and pricing.

Asset Management Program - comprehensive analysis of your roof by sections resulting in a Roof Life Index (RLI). Scope of work and pricing provided. The cost for this service ranges from .01 to .05 cents per square foot per visit (on average).

Understanding the condition of your roof will help you make the best repair or re-roofing decisions. Whether you are looking to prepare future budgets or get your project finished before the end of the year, our roof inspection and evaluation services can help you identify solutions for your roofing needs.

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Floor Care & Maintenance

FloorMaintAt QuestMark, a division of CentiMark, we find solutions for your flooring care and maintenance needs. We offer customized maintenance programs from our full service maintenance division to protect your investment. Additionally, we offer training and hands-on maintenance support for in-house teams on equipment, processes and products specific to your floor.

QuestMark's Steps to Floor Care & Maintenance:

  • Conduct a floor inspection to look for problems, solutions and safety evaluations.
  • Repair holes, cracks, spalled concrete, lippage, safety hazards, unfilled joints, exposed concrete, failed overlayments and delaminated coatings.
  • For your public areas, we look for aesthetic issues on the floor like stains and dullness.
  • For your private areas and warehouses, we look for dirt, dust, contaminates such as oil, water, grease and acids.
  • Our safety floor inspections can help identify and correct safety hazards within your facility. QuestMark also offers a variety of safety solutions to enhance the traction of an existing floor, safety striping options, area demarcation, trip hazard reduction solutions, ramping installation, and other enhancements that can be applied indoors and outdoors.
  • We offer Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products which are available online at These products are Made in America and include; patch and repair kits, maintenance products as well as tools and accessories. All of our products will help you maintain and keep your floors looking great.
  • Document your flooring work and repairs with our online proprietary database:
  • Staying on top of your floor care and maintenance will help increase the life-cycle of your floors. Start with an inspection or demo to determine what your needs are and which products are best for your floors. Also, remember the best time to scheduling flooring work is during plant shutdowns over the summer and holidays.


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Roof Care & Maintenance

RoofCareWhen you take good care of your roof, you are making an investment in your building.

Roof leaks can lead to structural damage and can damage the products and materials inside your building. While certain damage may be visible at the roof surface, the untrained eye will not discover some damage (such as hail damage or moisture in the insulation layers).

Work with CentiMark to set up a Preventative Maintenance and Housekeeping inspection to help extend the life of your roof. A Preventative Maintenance/Housekeeping Plan costs between .01 to .03 cents per square foot per visit (on average). CentiMark uses a 50 Point Checklist for our comprehensive roof inspections.

For every dollar spent on Preventative Maintenance, it is estimated that five dollars is saved through reduced emergency repairs, decreased building interior damage and increased roof life expectancy. The life of a roof without a Preventative Maintenance Program is estimated to have a service life of 12 years, drastically reduced from its intended service life of 20 years.

Roof Reminder Checklist:

  • Review the terms of your warranty as preventative maintenance is often a requirement of most roof warranties.
  • Schedule an annual inspection to prepare your roof for winter - remove debris like leaves, sticks or litter. Fix potential problems that could lead to a roof leak. Consider practical, cost-effective rooftop tools to help minimize problems from snow and ice melts such as snow guards, heat tape and safety flags on skylights.
  • Schedule an annual inspection to prepare your roof for spring rains and summer heat or drought. See what damage was done to your roof from snow, ice, wind, rain, hail and freeze/thaw.
  • Schedule an inspection after a major weather event - hailstorm, heavy rains or sizeable snowfall.
  • Download the CentiMark Mobile App on your mobile devices to quickly and efficiently request service on your roof for leaks or other problems.
  • For white TPO or black EPDM roof membranes, schedule a roof cleaning in the spring and fall to remove dirt, grime, algae and mold.


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CentiMark’s Steep Slope Shingle Capabilities

CentiMark has recently expanded our steep slope capabilities to include shingles. The steep slope products now available include; asphalt shingles, tile, slate, cedar shake, cedar shingles, metal and composites. CentiMark's shingle capabilties offer the following benefits:

  • Ice / water shield installed around all roof penetrations
  • Gutter apron used on all eaves to ensure proper water runoff into gutter system to not rot out fascia
  • Built in lip on drip edge installed on rakes for added wind protection
  • The first course is installed utilizing a specialty starter for enhanced wind protection and proper sealing
  • Neoprene pipe flashings installed on all pipes to ensure longevity and water tightness
  • To prevent ice and water infiltration a valley lining is installed
  • Six nails installed per asphalt shingle for added wind protection
  • Metal ventilation on all static vents and shingle over application on all ridge ventilation

Our warranty covers both material and workmanship. Best of all, the warranty is transferrable. It stays with the property no matter how many times the building may change owners.

Regardless of your roof type, CentiMark can provide a solution.

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Top Ten Ways to Protect Your Roof During Inclement Weather

InclementWeatherBe Prepared. No roof is 100% immune to the damages of rain, hail, heavy winds, tornadoes or hurricanes. Proper construction and preventative maintenance on the roof system does help improve roof performance. However, even roofs that are properly designed and installed can fail during a weather disaster.

  • Drains should be clean for free flow of water and all debris, leaves, sticks and/or litter should be removed.
  • A roof inspection can prepare your roof for inclement weather by determining if any repairs are needed for defects associated with drainage, counterflashing, penetrations, condition of membrane and roof accessories.
  • Ensure there are not any loose metal flashings such as metal drip edge, copings and wall flashings.
  • Make repairs where needed for any failed wall flashings.
  • Look for areas of excess moisture, water infiltration, loose or open seams and/or blisters.
  • Remove unused equipment such as satellite dishes and construction materials.
  • Review the terms of your roof warranty. Know the requirements of your warranty for Preventative Maintenance and Housekeeping on your roof.
  • Know your local CentiMark Service Team. The main number is 855-483-1975 and you will be asked to input your zip code for a local Service crew.
  • Download the CentiMark Mobile APP on your mobile device to quickly and efficiently request service for roof leaks or other problems.
  • Register at, our online management portal that contains all the information on your current and past roofing projects to include photographs and warranty information. All the information you need to make good roofing decisions at your fingertips.

After a weather emergency, CentiMark crews need to wait until the roads are safe to travel. Once crews are mobilized, we’ll work to get your building watertight utilizing proper safety procedures. First, we’ll assist with temporary repairs; then permanent repairs and/or full roof replacement.


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Five Simple Ways to Prolong Roof Life

5WaysProper care and preventative maintenance of your roof can prolong the service life past the intended term of the warranty. Here are five ways to extend the life of your roof.

Roofing Checklist:

  1. The main job of your roof is to keep water out of your building. A good roof system moves water off the roof through drains, scuppers, gutters and downspouts that are working properly and free of debris. With heavy, pounding rains, substantial amounts of water can accumulate quickly on the rooftop. Excessive water on the roof may compromise and overload the building’s structure and may result in structural failure or collapse. To put this in perspective: A single gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. One inch of rain on your roof weighs about five (5) pounds per square foot! That water needs a free and easy path off the roof.
  2. Sealant and caulking on projections and terminations minimizes water flow through cracks or holes and protects from future damage.
  3. Debris, dirt, exhaust, kitchen or manufacturing grease or fats, ponding rainwater and other pollutants need to be removed. Regular roof cleaning and preventative maintenance can extend the life of the roof system.
  4. The application of coatings on metal roof projections can prevent corrosion. By forming a barrier around the projections, the protective coating prevents degradation caused by pollutants, chemicals, moisture or oxidation.
  5. Who is on your roof? Do you have HVAC workers, plumbers, electricians, satellite dish servicemen and/or other trades on your roof? Are safety measures such as walkways, walk pads, guardrails and railings in place? Are these trade workers damaging your roof membrane? Do you keep a written sign in sheet of who goes on the roof?


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Need to Schedule a Flooring Project?

Shutdown2For facilities, scheduled plant shutdowns help to maintain plants and equipment. Naturally, this is why a shortened period of downtime is critical. It is a great time to do work that cannot be performed during normal business operations.
With the upcoming holidays, it’s time to schedule your plant shutdown and flooring projects.

Why QuestMark? At QuestMark, a division of CentiMark Corporation, our experience and our manpower can get the work done. Our crews and management team work with hundreds of companies during shutdowns regarding logistics and scheduling. Give us a list of your flooring needs and goals for the shutdown - we’ll have the schedule, materials and crews ready to work 24/7 if necessary to complete the projects.

Plant shutdowns are usually short and intense for all parties involved. Let our flooring experts at QuestMark help you through it.


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