CentiMark Corporation, QuestMark (a division of CentiMark Corporation) and CentiMark Ltd. (a Canadian subsidiary of CentiMark Corporation) have a tradition of sharing our blessings throughout the year, and especially during this season of Thanksgiving.

CentiMark is proud to make financial donations as well as food donations to food banks and similar organizations across North America in honor and celebration of Thanksgiving. On behalf of the Dunlap Family and CentiMark, we wish you the many blessings of the holiday season.

Thank you to all CentiMark associates for helping facilitate these donations.

About Food Insecurity in North America:

Food security refers to the household-level economic and social condition of reliable access to an adequate amount of food for an active, healthy life for all household members. Using the USDA Economic Research Service’s validated six-item Core Food Security Module, Hunger in America 2014 reveals that 84 percent of Feeding America client households are food insecure, meaning that they were without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food at some point during the past year.

Nationally, according to the USDA, only 14.5 percent of households are food insecure, highlighting the heightened need among Feeding America client households.13 Children are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of food insecurity because of the association between food insecurity, health, and cognitive development.14,15 Feeding America client households with children face an increased risk of food insecurity, with nearly 89 percent classifying as food insecure. Source: feedingamerica.org