Jeff Doll

For National Roofing Week June 6-9, 2021, CentiMark is very proud to showcase our two 2021 NRCA Roofing MVP’s:

Jeffrey Doll, Warehouse Manager, St. Louis, MO - Winner
Rick Stahlman, Warehouse Manager, Richmond, VA - Finalist

Congratulations to Jeff Doll who won a 2020-21 Most Valuable Player (MVP) Winner Award from the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) for his noteworthy contributions outside the workplace on March 5, 2021.

Jeff has been with CentiMark for 25 years. Jeff takes great pride in his work as a Warehouse Manager. He works hard, assists his St. Louis, MO co-workers with their roofing projects and trains and supports Warehouse Managers in other CentiMark office locations. Jeff says that he likes his job because every day is an adventure with no two days being the same.

Jeff’s work ethic has been described as having a farmer mentality (from his life of growing up on a farm). He works from sunrise to sunset - no complaints - just accepting the nature of the busy, sometimes chaotic job in the Warehouse. His co-workers always say that Jeff is someone who you can always be counted on. He is a resource for his co-workers and never lets anyone down. He always finds solutions to problems; he just does what it takes to get the job done.

CentiMark’s Corporate and field offices rely on Jeff to help train Warehouse Managers in other CentiMark locations. If our Corporate Procurement Department or IT (Information Technology) Department needs input on a new program, enhancements for inventory control programs or help testing a new software program, Jeff is their go-to person. Because of his knowledge of roofing, his extensive experience, his ability to train and teach, he is often chosen to participate in many special assignments from our Corporate office.

When COVID-19 restrictions came in March 2020, Jeff took it upon himself to sanitize the St. Louis, MO office and warehouse daily and continues to do so. He ordered the PPE and cleaning products for the office staff. He continues to wipe door handles and other shared surfaces, cleans the floors and other sanitization projects to keep the St. Louis, MO office staff safe.

As for Jeff’s community service, he is a former military spouse. His wife, Julia Doll, was a US Army Captain, 84th Engineer Combat Heavy, Honolulu, HI. Jeff helped coordinate bake sales and BBQ’s for the soldiers at her base, recalling that he could cook 500 hot dogs and 500 hamburgers in a day. Jeff is active in his church as a greeter, helping with fundraising and doing small renovation and remodeling projects for the church. He and his family previously volunteered at a horse farm that provided equine therapy for children with disabilities. Jeff is also a third generation farmer and continues to farm with his brother.

Congratulations Jeff! We are so proud of you at CentiMark!


Rick Stahlman

CentiMark congratulates Rick Stahlman, on his NRCA MVP Finalist award on March 5, 2021. He has been with CeniMark for 32 years. Rick is a dedicated, committed, and professional Warehouse Manager who meets and exceeds the needs of the Richmond, VA roofing crews and their projects. Rick also assists other Warehouse Managers with training and assistance, whenever it is needed. He makes all his co-workers look better with his solutions to problems, because he NEVER takes any of the credit.

Rick has been described as a problem solver ‘who solves problems created by others’ and is ‘The Rock’ of the Richmond, VA office. His wisdom, knowledge and experience in roofing, his connections with vendors and his willingness to share information are assets and teaching tools for his co-workers and others throughout CentiMark.

Going above and beyond for Rick starts early, as he is typically the first person in the office at 5:30 a.m. and he stays until the job is done. His exemplary service to his co-workers and CentiMark customers extends to nights and weekends. ‘Just doing my job’ is what Rick would say if you asked him why he works so hard. He wants the CentiMark crews to have everything they need to get their jobs done safely, efficiently, and timely.

Rick demonstrates his leadership by modeling behavior - always being prepared, going the extra mile, making sure the orders for materials are done correctly and finishing every project. If a foreman or crew member calls for materials that they need for a job, Rick will do everything in his power to get the materials to them. It doesn’t matter if the job is close to the office or hundreds of miles away. Rick makes sure the roofing crews get the materials that they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Rick is a teacher and CentiMark relies on him to train new Warehouse Managers throughout the company. Another challenging part of his job is to schedule the crane use for the Richmond, VA office. The constant communication with crane operators, field supervisors and foreman is a challenge and can be stressful. But Rick has that unique ability and patience to coordinate it all and make everything work.

Congratulations Rick. We are so proud of you at CentiMark!