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Roofing Industry Updates in 2015

Roofing Industry Updates in 2015

CentiMark and QuestMark take the responsibility of providing our customers with high quality products and services very seriously. We want to save our customers both time and money. It is our goal to anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations.

CentiMark’s industry leaders use advanced knowledge, experience and cutting-edge technology to keep our customers best interests in mind. Read more about advancements and changes with roofing codes, tough decisions our customers face, technology in the roofing industry.


Changes in Roofing Codes in 2015

“Roofing codes are found in Chapter 15 of the International Building Code which is part of a family of codes from the International Code Council (ICC). Each of these codes are revised every three years before being promulgated. It is up to each state to decide which version of the code they wish to adopt and the adopted version may vary from state to state. Important code changes under review for 2015 International Energy Efficiency Code include R-value increases for roof insulation, inclusion of air barriers in building envelopes to prevent air infiltration in buildings, test corroboration of appropriate wind uplift pressures proposed for a specific roof and promotion of energy-efficient, reflective, environmentally-friendly roof installations.”
- Michael Rew, Vice President of Technical Services, CentiMark Corporation


Tough Decisions in 2015

“When to pull the plug on your roof is the million dollar question for repairs vs re-roofing decisions. Economics plays the biggest part in the decision-making for repair, maintain or re-roof. What can you afford? What can you afford to lose?

Age of the roof is also a big factor. A good roof system that has twice-a-year maintenance and housekeeping performed on it can last 20 years. However, at a certain point, age becomes an important factor in determining if a new roof is needed.

You have to consider your risk level for consequential roof damage if you do not repair or replace. How much is roof repair and maintenance costing each year? Then you must determine if repairs can no longer provide the existing system with any additional roof life.”
- Ken Zmich, Vice President of Service, CentiMark Corporation


Technology Advancements in 2015

“In 2015, our crews will use their mobile devices to a greater extent than before. This cutting edge technology will mark roof leaks with GPS coordinates and record before/after photos, compile invoices and send documentation to customer’s mobile devices or computers. Tablets will be used by Service Managers in the field to adjust schedules, update ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of a Service crew and send videos of roof problems to customers. This innovative technology can help our customers save money by making an informed and well thought out decision about their facility in a timely manner”
- Greg Wilson, Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer, CentiMark Corporation






2021 Roofing and Flooring Trends

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