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Staying Ahead of the Storm - El Nino & Your Roof

Staying Ahead of the Storm - El Nino & Your Roof

Right now, El Nino is growing rapidly in the Pacific Ocean. This band of warm ocean water in the eastern Pacific is peaking this winter with the majority of weather activity in January 2016. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecasts “several months of relatively cool and wet conditions across the southern United States, and relatively warm and dry condition over the northern United States.”

Mudslides and dangerous driving conditions, while problematic, aren’t the only aftereffects of these intense climatic changes. Structural damage to the roof of a building can also occur when a neglected roof system takes consistent, heavy rain.

Proactivity is the most important thing to consider for a building owner or facility manager to consider when thinking about the heavy rains brought in by El Nino. Fixing existing leaks or replacing an old or neglected roof during a break in the storm, or before it hits your area is the key to avoiding post-storm panic and costly equipment damage resulting from a leaky roof. Regular inspections are also crucial to staying ahead of devastating storm damage.

“Certainly El Nino has created a good bit of rain on the West Coast and driven our business,” says John Godwin, CentiMark Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “We’re fortunate to have two-person crews trained for emergency service to handle the roof leaks and other problems caused by the rains.”

Emergency service is second-best to proactivity, but still effective. Getting an experienced roofing contractor on your roof immediately after you notice damage can prevent facility shut-downs and further damage.

Whether you’re proactive or panicked, CentiMark has a service to meet your needs. If you’re experiencing weather related damage as a result of El Nino, call our emergency service line at 855-483-1975.

*Sources: National Climate Assessment, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Climate Prediction Center

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