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Thank You CentiMark Associates

Thank You CentiMark Associates

As we approach our 47th anniversary in business on April 19th, we want to thank all 3,500 CentiMark, QuestMark and CentiMark Ltd. associates for their hard work and dedication in the success of the company.

We have 136 associates who have 20 or more years of experience with CentiMark. In honor of our anniversary, we’re recognizing their efforts and years of service at CentiMark.

“Thank you” does not adequately express the appreciation of Ed Dunlap, Chairman and COO (47 years) and Tim Dunlap, President & COO (37 years), CentiMark Corporation.

42 years
Steve Hecht

38 years
John Rudzik

37 years
Jerry Bunyoff

36 years
George Paxinos

35 years
Bob Rudzik
Bob Hunter

34 years
Dave Zanolli
Mike Endsley
Frank Hannan

33 years
Daniel Miller
Paul Cox

32 years
Michael Testa
Barbara Watt
Michael Jarusinski
Craig Scott

31 years
James Harvey
John Pallo

30 years
Tom Zmich
Tina Callaway
Keith Arnold

29 years
James Dabaldo
Cindy Molnar
Gurdev Gill

28 years
William Scurry
James Holloway, Jr.
George “Chip” Horrell, Jr.
Tammy Keener
Mark Cooper
Ken Zmich
James Patterson

27 years
Steve Ferencz
Gustavo Jimenez
Russell “Dean” Webb
Mark Moore
Stephen Exterovich

26 years
Patricia Koleszar
Rick Stahlman
Scott Gardner
Danny Svilanovich
Brad Ferguson
Jeffrey Noll
Mark Columbatto

25 years
Paul Karloski
Nora Paul
Michael Buchanczenko
Timothy Widup
Robert McKenzie
Barbara Candusso - retiring April 30th
Robert Madore
Brian Fox
Michael Horwath
John Godwin
Evan Evans
Brian Raymore
Thomas Kaczmarek
Michael Hilton
Joseph Ventura

24 years
Brian Green Sr.
James Rice
Greg Griffin
Ronald Detman, Jr.
Robert Felix III
Quin Johnson
Michael Mangiaruga
Darren Crosse
Laura Kickbusch
Kirk Rust

23 years
David Armstrong
Greg Wilson
Jeff Shepherd
Charlie Hambrick
Daniel Razo
Terry Arndt
Chris Riskus

22 years
Douglas Mentel
Keith Battenfield
Mike Howard
Jorge Martinez
Mark Kasik
John Pantelich
William Melzer
Timothy Mack
Anthony DeCecco
David Lamolinare
Pedro Botello
John Scanlon
Stanislaw Dabros
Wayne Barr
Steven Brauns
Randy Sandvig
John Champlin
Nicholas Lamolinare
Kevin Meis
Francis Tremblay
Jeffrey Michelone
Scott Luck
Paul Scharbo
Frederick Gartner III
Kenneth Ferencz
Joanne Lucarelli

21 years
Chris Gazzio
Brian Altvater
Marshall Hester
Ivan Suarez
Diane Moore
Jayne Tavres
Elias Delgado
Alberto Plaza
Mark Schuster
Christopher Bauer
James Bender
Kimberly Brown
Don Lyter
John Fernandez

20 years
James Fohrman
Larry Davis
Jill Wozny
Melchor Corona-Lopez
Laurance Venus Sr.
Jose Garay
Rhonda Armstrong
Mark Harrison
Michael Brown
James Best
Phillip Zellner
Serafin Gutierrez
Harold Harris III
David Shepherd
Sharon Sullivan
Isaias Mendoza
William Cehelsky
David Simpson
Claude Gerhart
Jose Gutierrez

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