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Thanking CentiMark Veterans: David Dumond

Thanking CentiMark Veterans: David Dumond

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David DumondName:
David Dumond, Western Safety Specialist

CentiMark Office: Ontario, CA

Years with CentiMark: Six months

Military Service: I served six years in the United States Marine Corps on active duty as a Percussionist and as a M60 machine gunner. My rank was Lance Corporal. I served active and reserves in the Army National Guard for 26 years of commissioned service as an Armor and Chemical Officer. My total time in the military is 32 years. My rank is Lieutenant Colonel (LT). I was stationed in Naval Amphibious Base, Norfolk, VA; Camp Pendleton, CA; Joint Armed Forces Base, Los Alamitos, CA; Camp Roberts, CA; Forward Operating Base Hughie, Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

What made you join the military?
I always felt the need to contribute to a larger cause. After being in the service for some time, I loved the teamwork and sense of accomplishment. There was always challenging positions and missions that brought out the best in you.

What life lessons did you learn in the Military?

You must learn how to be a leader. Sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow. I have found that sometimes you put people in leadership to watch how they develop and mentor when needed. Too often, people do not appreciate the responsibilities and stress that a person endures until they walk in their boots. I have seen soldiers become great leaders because they knew when to listen and when to speak. I have always loved mentoring young soldiers because they are our future. They become a true asset in the military when they gain knowledge, motivation and determination. My goal and objective was to make soldiers into future leaders whether in the military or civilian sector.

What skills did you bring from the military to your position at CentiMark?

  • My military skills bring to the table a seasoned officer with leadership skills. The ability to conduct hands-on or facilitate when required. The ability to empower workers to see the positive aspects of their work.

What brought you to CentiMark?

I felt a sense of teamwork and a sincere commitment in sharing a common goal. I would like to thank John Scanlon, Brian Raymore, Jason Krut, Pedros Tinajero, Todd Morrrison, and Leighton Smiley, for their confidence in me and support. There is a winning team of safety professionals at CentiMark and QuestMark. I’m glad to be on their team. Thank you too for hiring veterans!

How can we help Veterans?

I have found that visiting veteran’s hospitals is a great way to help veterans. Many veterans are in these places with no family members and very little friends. A small card that says: “thanks for your service” goes a long way. I used to walk the halls in my uniform and sit at a veteran’s bed and ask what they did in the service and thank them for their service and dedication. They felt great because I made a special choice to visit them.

Thank You David Dumond for serving our country in the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army National Guard


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