In our fifth decade in the roofing industry, we take great pride in the people and professionalism that drive CentiMark to new levels of success and excellence in roofing and flooring.

Fall Roof Preparation Series (Part 2): Every Building Needs a Roof and Fall Roof Inspection!

InspectingRoofFor 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your roof can be exposed to a variety of extreme weather conditions: rain, hail, sun, snow and wind. As fall begins, it is an important time to ensure your roof is in the best condition possible for the upcoming winter. Heavy snow loads and ice buildup can put a roof system to the test. Fall is an essential time to have a commercial roof inspection.

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Rembrandt & Roofing

Rembrandt & Roofing

What kind of paint did Rembrandt use to make his paintings so spectacular? What material is the Statue of Liberty made from that makes it so distinguished? What materials were used in building the opulent and lavish Taj Mahal?

Guess what? It is not only the materials that make these iconic paintings, statues and buildings so special. It’s the skill and craftsmanship of the worker that is required to use the materials to create such masterpieces!

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Reflecting on 2014

Reflecting on 2014

At CentiMark and QuestMark, we want to thank our customers for their business in 2014. Because of you, we are the largest commercial and industrial roofing and flooring contractor in North America. At CentiMark and QuestMark, we attract and retain the best and brightest people in the roofing and flooring industries. Our Corporate associates are experts in their respective fields.

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Customer Service Week - CentiMark Thanks our Customers

Customer Service Week - CentiMark Thanks our Customers

National Customer Service Week
October 6-10, 2014

CentiMark is very proud of our Customer Service initiatives. We do our best to service your roofing needs and process the necessary repair requests, invoices, warranty information, before and after photos, etc. 

We have numerous tools to help you with your Customer Service needs:
- Customer Service Reps/Admins at CentiMark and Corporate Field Offices
- National Service Department with two-person Service crews
- CentiMark Mobile App to request Service on your phone or tablet
- website with request for service form
- 24/7 number for National Account Customers - 800-254-0853
- 24/7 number for Regional Customers - 855-483-1975
- MyCentiMark - online proprietary data base
- Chat feature on

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