In our fifth decade in the roofing industry, we take great pride in the people and professionalism that drive CentiMark to new levels of success and excellence in roofing and flooring.

Green from Roof to Floor

Green from Roof to Floor

Let’s look at environmental issues and green solutions for roofing and flooring.


Green or sustainable solutions seek to preserve the environment in which we live and work through daily practices that have minimal impact to that environment for the benefit of future generations. In our daily lives, we buy energy efficient light bulbs or recycle office paper to save energy costs and reduce the impact on the environment. At CentiMark, we provide sustainable roofing and flooring solutions for our customers to improve the energy and environmental performance of their building envelopes. This blog shares the many ways in which we help reduce energy consumption, promote healthier working environments and create longer lasting, more durable roofing and flooring systems.


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