2014 April eNews

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2014 April eNews

Do You Know The Costs of Severe Weather on Your Roof?


With the welcomed arrival of spring, the snow left behind by a succession of brutal storms has finally melted. Do not get caught off guard by spring weather's impact on your roof. Fill out the form to the right for a FREE roof inspection and sign up for our Priority Plus Program. By being a part of the Priority Plus Program you will be placed on a priority list following a severe weather emergency. Once it is safe to travel, we will send a repair crew to your facility who will inspect the condition of the roof, determine any damage and perform the necessary emergency repairs. Let us handle what Mother Nature has to offer.

Rain & Thunderstorms - roof leaks are a serious problem as they can damage your building envelope and the contents of your building. Not only do we fix your roof leak, we identify the leak by GPS coordinates so you know the exact location of the repair. We check to make sure the water is draining from your roof - often, we need to move debris from drains and gutters. Thermal imaging scans help with more serious moisture issues.

Wind - wind uplift is the net upward force of air on the roof system when the air pressure below the roof is greater than the air pressure above the roof. This creates a vortex of wind that may lift the roofing membranes and accessories. After severe windstorms, schedule a roof inspection.

Hurricanes & Tornadoes - for severe weather emergencies, register in advance for priority service - register with CentiMark's Emergency Preparedness Priority Plus program. Once the roads are safe to travel, we will contact you about your property to assist with your roof emergency.


Weather causes damage to your roof. CentiMark understands that. Call us for inspections, repairs or emergency leak repairs. We can handle what Mother Nature brings. 855-483-1875


Click Here to Read Our Digital Brochure - All it Takes is One Storm 


Dust on Your Concrete Floors is a Thing of the Past

DQFloorDiamondQuest is our revolutionary, trademarked process that enables concrete floors to be polished without the use of coatings. DiamondQuest turns an ordinary concrete floor surface into one with a quality sheen and the ability to repel water and other contaminants.


What our customers love:

- No scheduled down time for installation so that the floor can be used immediately
- Certified as a slip-resistant floor process by the National Floor Safety Institute
- Noticeable decrease in slip-and-fall accidents
- Sustainable green solutions
- LEED credits may be available
- High quality sheen with beautiful colors


Click Here to Learn More About Our Aesthetic Warranty!


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Technology Corner

NewCMSiteCentiMark’s website has been updated to make navigation easier for our customers and to improve access to online resources. The format is designed to be user-friendly with easy-to-navigate dropdown menus. The website features videos on various roofing and flooring systems and processes as well as safety information. There is easy customer-access to our online proprietary databases - MyCentiMark and MyQuestMark.

Click here to see our new look!



The CentiMark website has many new features:

- Finding a local CentiMark or QuestMark office is as simple as entering your Zip Code to be directed to an office near you. Find a CentiMark Location.
- Easily request roofing and flooring inspections, repairs and products and materials 
- Employment opportunities with CentiMark or QuestMark are listed by job title for openings throughout the United States and Canada
- Keep up to date with trending roofing and flooring topics with our CentiMark Blog written by CentiMark professionals
- Follow Us on Twitter and LinkedIn to find out about our latest news, special offers and events


Keep CentiMark service crews with you 24/7 by downloading the CentiMark App!



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