CentiMark's CentiVision: A Visual Approach to Roofing

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The commercial roofing industry is no exception in an ever-evolving world of technology and innovation. Here at CentiMark, we took a giant leap forward in July 2021 with the launch of CentiVision, a groundbreaking roofing configurator. This advanced tool marks a significant shift in how our customers engage with their roofing projects. It empowers them to visually explore various roof configurations, gaining a comprehensive grasp of both the current state and proposed solution or replacements. With over two years of successful implementation, CentiVision remains a trusted solution for businesses across North America, eliminating uncertainty in their roofing projects.


Visualizing the Future of Roofing Configurations

CentiVision is a dynamic platform designed to empower customers, enabling them to collaborate seamlessly with the CentiMark sales team. Available for both flat and steep slope roofs, it's a powerful, user-friendly tool that streamlines and enhances the entire roofing process. Here's how CentiVision can help you:

 Empowering Informed Decisions:

CentiVision goes beyond traditional roofing solutions by providing customers with a comprehensive view of their existing and proposed roof assemblies. It breaks down the components, highlighting crucial details that are often overlooked. This information equips you with a deeper understanding of your roof system, allowing you to make more informed decisions about repairs, replacements and maintenance.

 Defect Visualization:

One of CentiVision's standout features is its ability to identify and display roofing defects. It's a powerful diagnostic tool that pinpoints issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. By visualizing these defects, you can better understand the urgency of repairs and better prioritize roofing tasks.


✔ Seamless Collaboration:

CentiVision fosters collaboration between customers and the CentiMark’s sales team. This collaborative approach ensures that all your concerns and preferences are incorporated into the proposed roofing assembly by a highly experienced roofing professional in accordance with local codes, industry requirements and best practices. It's a game-changer for transparency and customer engagement. Visual configurations can be easily shared through the CentiVision platform or as a PDF document. This flexibility ensures that you can easily access and review your roofing plans from anywhere.

✔ Safety and Finishing Touches:

CentiVision is about more than just the basics. It allows you to add roof safety measures and finishing touches to your project. Safety is paramount in roofing and CentiVision ensures that it's an integral part of the planning process. With CentiVision, you can visualize the finished project and make aesthetic decisions that align with your preferences.



Are you planning your 2024 roofing budget?

Integrating CentiVision into your planning workflow will streamline the prioritization of your roofing tasks and enhance internal documentation with clear, easy-to-understand images of current and prospective roof configurations. Contact us today for support in your upcoming year's budget preparation.

Customer-Centric Commercial Roofing Journey

The primary goal of CentiVision is to educate customers and simplify the roofing experience. It's a customer-centric approach that aims to demystify the complexities of roofing projects, providing transparency, visualizations and comprehensive information. With CentiVision, roofing projects become collaborative journeys toward the most optimal solution for your facility.

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