Green Roof Systems for Commercial Buildings

Looking for ways to improve energy efficiency and decrease your facility's environmental impact? Consider our green roofing solutions.

What is a Green Roof?

Your roof plays a significant role in your building's environmental footprint. A highly reflective and well-insulated roof system can help keep your facility's interior temperature consistent throughout the year, making your facility energy efficient and minimizing your heating and cooling costs.
highly reflective roof with skylights to minimize electric bills
garden on top of commercial roof installed  by Centimark
skylight on a warehouse roof
solar panels installed on a roof

With added daylighting and photovoltaic solutions, you can fully utilize sunlight and illuminate your facility or generate more power for business operations. Solutions like garden roofs may help you offset the heat island effect in urban areas while providing a pleasant outdoor environment for your staff and visitors.

Our Commercial Green Roof Solutions

Explore how our team can help you improve the energy efficiency of your facility through the following eco roofing systems: 
cool roofs - reflective roofs to help with air conditioning

Cool Roofs

Highly UV-reflective roof membranes. Learn More >>
Reduced energy use
Potential for rebates
Improved indoor comfort
Extended longevity
daylighting on a warehouse roof


Roof accessories and installations that allow you to use natural light to illuminate your facility. Learn More >>

Less dependence on artificial light
Reduced load on power plants
Aesthetically pleasing
solar panels on roof


Solar power panels to generate your own electricity. Learn More >>

Minimizing your facility's power bills
Minimizing environmental impact
Federal cash grants or investment tax credits
Federal and State incentives
MACRS tax deduction
Low maintenance costs
garden roof on a commercial building

Garden Roofs

Vegetation and landscaping on rooftops to provide shade and green space. Learn More >>

Energy savings
Healthier environment
Roof membrane life extension
Increased property value
Fire resistance
Environmental impact

Benefits of Green Roofs or Eco Roofing

Temperature control

Temperature control

Decrease your heating and cooling costs while providing a comfortable environment for your customers and employees. 
Maximizing the use of daylight

Maximizing the use of daylight

Minimize your power bills with solutions like skylights or light tubes.
LEED points/certification credits

LEED points/certification credits

The energy efficiency of your building is important for LEEDTM considerations. Ask your CentiMark project manager about what options are available that may contribute to LEEDTM points. 
Harness the solar power

Harness the solar power

Take full advantage of sunlight and generate your own electricity with photovoltaic solutions.
Air purification and urban landscaping

Air purification and urban landscaping

Garden roofs provide multiple benefits for urban areas, from reducing the urban heat island effect to providing additional green spaces accessible to your residents, visitors and staff.

Why Choose CentiMark as Your Green Roof Contractor?

The energy efficiency of your building is important to you and we are here to help! With over 55 years of commercial roofing expertise across all climates of North America, we can provide you with optimal eco roofing solutions to minimize your facility's environmental impact and lower your power bills. In addition to systems and accessories, CentiMark strives to be good stewards of our environment throughout our roofing projects by recycling as much as possible. Contact us to learn more about what green roofing solutions are available for your facility.

Would Like to Discuss Various Roofing Options for Your Facility?

Our team of dedicated roofing professionals is just a message away! Let's evaluate your current roof condition, your needs and building functions and discover the most optimal commercial roofing solution for your needs.

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