Our Daylighting Solutions for Commercial Buildings

How can you decrease your facility's energy bills? Through installing prismatic skylights or commercial tubular skylights, also called light tubes, you can use natural sunlight to illuminate the interior space of your building without needing to rely on electrical lighting alone.

What is Daylighting?

Commercial daylighting is a strategy that allows you to take advantage of sunlight, whether it is direct or indirect, to illuminate the interior of your facility. If you have a commercial or industrial facility with a flat roof, you may be able to reduce your energy costs and benefit from the use of prismatic skylights or light tubes/tubular skylights. 
Skylights on the roof of a warehouse
Skylight on a commercial roof
Skylights on CentiMark's TPO roof
Tubular Skylight on an industrial building roof

Types of Commercial Daylighting Systems

Commercial daylighting systems can be passive or active. Passive daylighting systems are static and collect sunlight without tracking it. For example, windows or traditional skylights. Active daylighting are advanced systems that rely on various mechanisms to follow the direction of the light to maximize its usage. Most commercial facilities rely on passive daylighting as it provides outstanding benefits with lower maintenance costs.

Prismatic Skylights:

One of the most popular and effective ways to minimize your dependence on artificial light. These are common in industrial settings and often help illuminate large warehouses and manufacturing facilities, significantly reducing energy costs.

Solar Tube (Tubular) Skylights:

Often referred to as light tubes, maximize the light they capture by reflecting it down a tunnel and releasing it through a lens. This method allows for illuminating interiors using less of your roof's surface than larger prismatic skylights.
Modified Bitumen Roof Installed in South Carolina

Benefits of Daylighting

Energy savings

Energy savings

Less dependence on artificial light and almost no heat generation.
Lower environmental impact

Lower environmental impact

Decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and pollution of air and water. Reduced load on power plants.
Aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for work productivity

Aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for work productivity

Studies show commercial overhead lighting can harm well-being, leading to eye strain, headaches and sleep problems. Boosting natural light improves employee health and productivity.

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