Industrial Roofing Solutions for Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities

The manufacturing and warehouse sector has unique challenges when it comes to roofing. Depending on specific processes and methods involved in your operations, your entire building envelope may be exposed to pollutants, fire hazards, extreme temperature, vibration and increased rooftop traffic due to servicing the various rooftop components. We specialize in installing and servicing roofs that can handle the unique demands of manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

Factory & Warehouse Roofing

Installing the correct roof over your factory or warehouse is crucial to keeping your employees safe and preserving your equipment and inventory. Apart from typical exposure to rain, wind, UV and other factors, your manufacturing facility’s roof may also be exposed a number of industry-specific challenges.

interior of metal manufacturing facility

Unique Challenges of Industrial Roofs

welding with sparks

Fire Hazards

While a fire may happen in any building, certain manufacturing processes involve open flames or extreme temperatures. Considering those risks when applying a new roof assembly is imperative.
exhaust from an industrial pipe

Exposure to Chemicals and Pollutants

If your manufacturing process involves chemicals or pollutant exhaust, it is essential to consider roof membranes and surfaces that are resistant to those factors.
lift attached to the ceiling of an industrial facility

Equipment Fastened to the Roof

Some manufacturing facilities and warehouses have to use their roofs as a substrate for assembling or material handling equipment. If that is the case in your operations, you need to make sure you install and maintain a roof that can handle the additional weight and impact.
systems to prevent equipment vibration in manufacturing


Certain manufacturing processes involve high noise and vibration from heavy equipment. Over time, this may impact the state of certain components, so it is essential to evaluate, repair and maintain your roof on a regular basis.
two engineers talking on a factory roof standing on walkpads

Frequent Roof Traffic

If your roof experiences traffic, for example, exhaust and HVAC maintenance, it is crucial to install safety measures such as guardrails and walk pads.
a woman is working on a laptop in a warehouse

Multi-purpose Buildings with Drastic Temperature Changes

When your building combines manufacturing areas, storage locations and administrative offices all under the same roof, your roof's temperature may change drastically from one section to another. In areas with snow, this uneven heat distribution may cause ice dams, ponding water and deterioration of certain roof sections during winter. It is crucial to stay on top of those issues with a snow removal plan.

Recommended Roof Types for Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities

Depending on your specific business operations, your experienced CentiMark representative will propose optimal options for your insulation, roof membrane and attachment methods to meet the demands of your facility. Our interactive visualizer, CentiVision, will help you better understand the function of every component of your roof and make the best decision for your business. 

Service and Maintenance for Manufacturing and Warehouse Roofs

Just like your manufacturing or material handling equipment, your roof needs ongoing maintenance to perform at its best. We provide preventative maintenance options and comprehensive roof evaluations to ensure you are ahead of the leaks. Contact us today to explore how we can extend the life of your roof together.

Why CentiMark is the Best Choice for Industrial Roof Work

Whether the business you own or help operate requires a new roof or repairs, we are here to help. As a commercial-only roofing contractor, we focus on optimizing our solutions for your custom applications. With over 95 local offices across North America, we understand and meet all local building codes and requirements. All our projects are backed by CentiMark's Single Source Warranty covering both workmanship and materials. 

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With over 100 locations throughout North America, we’re committed to helping companies keep their facilities watertight regardless of their size or location. Thanks to decades of experience and expertise, we guarantee you the best quality workmanship and attention to the details. Put simply, when it comes to keeping your facility safe and secure against rain, snow, wind and other elements, CentiMark has you covered!

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