Roofing Solutions for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry

The customer experience is everything in the hospitality industry. Therefore, roof leaks are unacceptable. Water intrusion may damage more than personal property or the building envelope; it may impact your reputation.

Elevate Guest Experiences: How Commercial Roofs Redefine Hospitality

Hotels, resorts, theme parks, restaurants and other hospitality properties have a distinctive function: provide an excellent, memorable experience for their guests, whether they travel for business or pleasure. In the world of online reviews and social media, that experience often defines the future of the business. Your commercial roof plays a massive part in providing an experience above the rest.

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Unique Challenges of Hospitality Facility Roofs

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Multiple Roof Projections

To accommodate all guests with a comfortable lodging environment, dining, spa and laundry service, hotels and other hospitality facilities must have multiple rooftop projections from HVAC units to various exhausts. Your building's roof has to support all that weight adequately and the projections' flashing must be checked regularly to ensure they are properly sealed.
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The safety of your employees and guests is always a priority and your facility has to meet strict safety standards to continue its operations. Your roof has to be installed with all that in mind.
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Adhering to strict brand standards is crucial, particularly for nationwide or global hospitality chains. Your building's roof may be an important part of brand compliance. Thankfully, many customization options exist, from coating color match to logo installation on your roof.
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Minimal Disruption to Guests

All work on hotel roofs has to be performed with minimal interruption and noise to ensure the best guest experience. By carefully planning and coordinating the roof work, we will ensure that it is completed efficiently while minimizing any disruptions.
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Immediate Remediation

Water damage in hospitality buildings may result in personal property damage, food contamination, air quality issues and health hazards. Any roof leaks have to be addressed immediately.
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Multi-Use Areas

Your building may house various functions under the same roof: lodging, kitchens, onsite laundry, etc. This means exposure to different temperatures and types of exhaust on certain roof sections. Chemical deposits and oils from certain exhausts may contribute to the deterioration of the roof membrane. Comprehensive evaluations and maintenance are the keys to maximizing the life of your roof.
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Multiple Roof Levels

Certain parts of your roof may be visible from levels above. Some facilities also utilize roofs for their guests' urban gardens or recreational spaces, requiring rooftops to be aesthetically pleasing and contribute to the overall customer experience.

Keep Your Hospitality Building's Roof Leak Free

Keep water out of your building. Here are a few tips to help you keep roof leaks at bay.
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Save This 24/7 Roof Emergency Number

If your facility was hit by a storm or has an active leak, call 855-483-1975 in the US and 800-690-6254 in Canada. Our 24/7 emergency service crews will get your facility back to watertight. If your property was flooded, we can also help with flooring cleanup.
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Know the Exact Condition of Your Roof

A comprehensive commercial roof evaluation is the best way to determine your roof's condition and what maintenance or repairs it requires to keep performing at its best. We recommend scheduling your evaluation every six months and after significant weather events.
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Pay Attention to Your Roof's Warranty

Stay current with your warranty requirements. Roof evaluations and maintenance are often part of the terms and conditions. 
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Preventative Roof Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is the key to extending the life of your roof and postponing costly repairs or reroofing.
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Snow Monitoring and Removal

Snow and ice on your roof may generate extra pressure on your roof assembly, obstruct access to roof projections and create unsafe conditions for your guests. CentiMark’s snow removal plans can help you manage the snow levels on your roof.

Partnering with CentiMark for Your Hospitality & Hotel Roofing Needs

As a commercial-only roofing company with over 55 years of industry experience and over 100 offices across North America, we have deep knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry's roofing needs. Our experienced crews are just a call away when you need:

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  • ✔  24/7 emergency roof service
  • ✔  Roof repairs and replacement
  • ✔  Comprehensive roof evaluations
  • ✔  Preventative roof maintenance and cleaning
  • ✔  Snow monitoring and removal
  • ✔  Budget planning help
  • ✔  Roof safety evaluations and accessories
  • ✔  Reroofing with minimal interruptions

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