Roofing Solutions for Food Processing Facilities

Food processing requires high sanitation standards so a single roof leak may compromise your efforts. To keep your facility protected and sanitary you need a robust, reliable roof that will protect your sensitive inventory no matter what.

Unique Roofing Challenges for Food Processing Plants and Food Storage Facilities

Food production and storage is a contaminant-sensitive process. To avoid product loss and recalls, your facility has to be sterile and often maintain a constant temperature. There are a number of industry-specific factors that your building's roof may be facing. Let's delve into the specific characteristics that your facility's roof should have to keep up with your facility's demand and remain compliant with strict industry standards.

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Requirements for a Food Processing Facility Roof

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Chemical and Grease Resistance

Your manufacturing process may involve multiple chemicals and oils, which are often released through exhaust vents. To avoid deterioration, your commercial roof must be resistant to those contaminants.
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Water and Vapor Resistance

Staying compliant with food safety regulations means minimizing any contamination risks. Roof leaks may bring outside pollutants into your facility and create a comfortable environment for bacteria, pests, fungi and mold. If your manufacturing or storage process requires cold or freezing temperatures, your roof must also be vapor-tight. Learn more by visiting our Cold Storage Roofing page.
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Proper Installation

Maintaining specific temperatures and humidity levels in your buildings is often required. It is important to make sure your roof properly supports those efforts through the proper amount of insulation, the attachment method and finishing details. Schedule a comprehensive roof evaluation with us to determine if you need any repairs or maintenance to maximize your roof's performance. 

Roof Leaks and Food Processing

A single roof leak can drastically affect your business operations. Keeping your facility's roof watertight will help you avoid:

  • Downtime or shutdowns at your facility
  • Revenue loss
  • Damage to your building envelope, equipment and inventory
  • Safety hazards for your employees
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Keeping Your Facility Watertight and Compliant with CentiMark

As a food industry professional, you have a lot on your plate. With over 55 years of commercial-only roofing expertise, our teams in over 100 locations across North America genuinely understand the roofing needs of food processing and storage facilities. We offer an array of commercial roof services to ensure your facility is leak-free. Read on to learn more!

Roof Services for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

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24/7 Emergency Roof Repair

When the unexpected happens, keeping your building watertight is paramount to minimizing your production downtime. Our experienced crews are on standby to help with any needed repairs, temporary roofing or permanent solutions.
crew installing a new TPO roof


When it's time for a new roof, everything needs to be right. We install commercial roofs tailored to your facility's exact needs with minimum to no interruption to your normal business operations.
roof maintenance performed by CentiMark

Roof Maintenance

Keeping your facility's roof in its best shape requires maintenance and cleaning. We provide custom preventative maintenance plans and services to maximize the useful life of your asset to make sure it performs at its best.
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Roof Condition Evaluations

Every commercial roof faces rain, UV, wind and other factors that deteriorate its condition over time. However, your facility's roof must also withstand the byproducts of your manufacturing process. It is imperative to evaluate your roof's condition every six months and after any major weather event. Our specialists are just a call away to help you determine the exact state of your facility's roof and if you need any repairs, service or replacements.
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Roof Repairs

When food safety standards are on the line, repairs need to be done right the first time. Our highly experienced teams focus on quality workmanship and will complete your repairs as soon as possible with minimal to no interruptions.
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Single Source Warranty

Our warranty covers all our materials and workmanship to provide you peace of mind. We also offer industry-leading digital tools for roof management.

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