Plan for Success: Your 2024 Roof Budget

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Out of sight out of mind, your facility’s roof may often take a back seat to other operational priorities. Yet, allocating resources for it in your annual budget planning can lead to savings in the long run. Overlooked roof damage caused by harsh weather or aging can lead to unexpected expenses and problems such as roof leaks. Preventing such issues starts with learning everything about your roof and planning ahead.


  • Schedule a Comprehensive Roof Evaluation: The initial step in establishing your 2024 roofing budget is to arrange a detailed roof assessment to determine your current roof condition. Often, water intrusion can go unnoticed by an untrained eye until it becomes a visible concern. A comprehensive roof evaluation will provide photographs, a written assessment, repair or replacement recommendations and estimated budget figures. Identifying issues early can prevent them from escalating into more significant problems.
  • Review Roof History: Consider your roof's age, maintenance history and warranty. Discuss warranty extension options with your CentiMark roofing professional.
  • Inquire About Maintenance Plans: Whether your roof is new or aging, regular preventative maintenance and cleaning is essential for extending its life. Removing debris, clearing clogged drainage systems, addressing minor repairs or handling deterioration before it worsens can help you reduce long-term repair costs. Including a budget for a maintenance plan in 2024 will contribute to prolonging your roof's life.
  • Climate and Weather Patterns: Research local weather trends and forecasts for 2024. Extreme weather can affect your roof, so allocate a budget for weather-related maintenance and repairs. The National Weather Service and Climate Prediction Center offers valuable research tools such as Experimental Unofficial Long-Lead Forecasts. To stay informed about the current and upcoming hurricane season, utilize updates and resources from the National Hurricane Center and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Be prepared for emergencies. Having funds set aside can prevent delays in addressing urgent matters.
  • Materials and Labor Costs: Research the current prices of roofing materials and labor costs in your area. Material shortages, labor shortages and market fluctuations can affect pricing, so staying informed is essential. 
  • Roofing Trends and Long-Term Roofing Strategy: Stay up to date on industry trends and innovations. New roofing technologies or sustainable options might be worth considering for your facility. Think about your long-term roofing strategy. Are you planning short-term fixes or a more comprehensive, sustainable roofing solution?


Interested in crafting a long-term plan for your facility? At CentiMark, our objective is to educate you about your building's roof and offer strategies for prolonging its life. Your roofing requirements depend on various factors, including your local climate, the function of your facility, rooftop traffic and more.


When you partner with us for your roof management, you'll receive more than just comprehensive evaluations, repairs, reroofing, 24/7 emergency services and roof maintenance. We'll assist you in developing long-term plans and budgets. Utilizing tools like Asset Alert and Portfolio Management, you can conveniently monitor the condition of all your roofs in one place and access estimates for both time and budgetary considerations up to five years in advance. Our team is here to help optimize your investment in your facility's roof. Need assistance with establishing your 2024 roofing budget? Don't hesitate to reach out to us today!

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