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CentiMark Blog

In our fifth decade in the roofing industry, we take great pride in the people and professionalism that drive CentiMark to new levels of success and excellence in roofing and flooring.

Thank You CentiMark Veteran Jonathan Wong

jonathan wong 2During the month of May in honor of Memorial Day and in tribute to our CentiMark associates who are veterans, we take great pride in featuring CentiMark Veterans. We thank them for their service to our country.

Jonathan Wong, Field Supervisor
CentiMark Bartlett, TN
13 years at CentiMark

Branch of Military: United States Army Reserve (Six years)
Rank: Specialist/ E-4
Where were you stationed?Tikrit, Iraq and NAS Millington, TN
What made you join the military? I wanted to serve my country and help save lives on the battlefield
What are your life lessons from the military? Honor, integrity and selfless service
What skills did you bring from the military to your CentiMark job? The ability to lead and delegate people to complete tasks and jobs at hand. Selfless Services: often times we take for granted the people that work under us. I firmly believe that putting my subordinates needs before my own and that will lead to teamwork and show faith that CentiMark will take care of them. I always place the mission/job first.
What brought you to CentiMark? I was working at CentiMark when I joined the Military.
How can we - as individuals - best help veterans? Be more understanding about the issues of returning Veterans PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and TBI (traumatic brain injuries). Many of us spent a large part of our deployment in high stress and high risk situations. Many of us will always carry what we have seen or had to do in the military while in battle. We do not blame anyone for the problems, we just ask that the civilian population be understanding and receptive of Veterans returning home.

From everyone at CentiMark and QuestMark, thank you Jonathan Wong for serving our country.

Golfing for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
Thank You CentiMark Veteran Joe Filtz

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