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In our fifth decade in the roofing industry, we take great pride in the people and professionalism that drive CentiMark to new levels of success and excellence in roofing and flooring.

White Roof or Black Roof?

White Roof or Black Roof?

There is more to consider to selecting a roof membrane than color...

Benefits of a Black Roof System

Black roof systems absorb more radiant heat than white roofs. In the winter, condensation evaporates quicker and snow and ice melt more rapidly on black roofs than white roofs. Black roof systems are a typical roof system choice in cold weather climates. An EPDM roof, also known as a rubber roof system, is a very durable and versatile “black” roof system that can stand the test of time.

Benefits of a White Roof System
White roof systems reflect the sun’s rays more effectively than black roofs and typically can be 40-50 degrees F cooler on the surface. The reflectivity reduces cooling loads in most buildings and decreases the “urban heat island effect” in dense urban areas.
White roofs tend to be a common roof system in warm weather climates. These roof systems are growing increasingly popular for building owners across the entire country. Common types of “white” roof systems are: TPO, PVC, as well as various white roof coatings.

Maintaining Your Roof System
Both roof systems have similar maintenance and cleaning needs. You can extend the life of your roof and maximize performance with Preventative Maintenance program and/or annual or power-washing to keep the surface clean. This ensures the roof's ability to reflect and/or absorb sunlight and keep moisture out of the building

Choosing a Black Roof or a White Roof System
When thinking about what color your roof should be, or which roof system you should consider, there are several factors to account for in your decision: budget, climate, building type and use, roof traffic, insulation, deck type, wind zone, fire resistance, return on investment criteria, Sustainability goals, and other factors that impact your facility.

If you are interested in learning more about which roof system is right for your building, click below and CentiMark can help with the decision making process by providing you with a roof consultation.

Click here to request a roof complimentary roof consultation

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