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Looking for roofing solutions for your new construction project? From state-of-the-art data centers to extensive manufacturing, food production and distribution facilities, CentiMark’s DataCon division is here to provide you with roofing options and expertise you can rely on.


What can you expect from us as your commercial roofing partner:

  • Consistency, unparalleled quality and high safety standards. Our dedication to training and quality control allow us to deliver the same outstanding results and expertise every time, everywhere.
  • Deep understanding of the technical specifications of your new roof and the unique needs of your new building. We bring over 50 years of roofing expertise and a commitment to offer only the best available materials and the finest possible workmanship. 
  • A large labor pool with experienced crews in over 95 locations throughout North America and successful partnerships with vetted sub-contractors.
  • Financial stability and unrestricted/unlimited bonding capacity.
  • Strong partnerships with manufacturers of all roofing materials. Because of our size and history in the industry, CentiMark has great sourcing capabilities from all manufacturers. Have confidence in our ability to source the products and get your work completed. 
  • Best in the industry warranties. We stand behind every job we do. We can offer a manufacturer's warranty or a CentiMark Single Source Warranty. Either way we have your new roof covered.


How we make your commercial roofing project easier.

Project Management:

Our dedicated on-site project management teams will run 100% of the roof installation focusing on the schedule, quality control, safety and trade partner coordination to maximize efficiencies and minimize disruptions. You will have a dedicated point of contact to answer any questions and who will keep your onsite project management programs updated with daily and weekly reports.


The safety of our customers and associates is our priority. Our safety team completes over 40,000 OSHA-style safety inspections annually to ensure compliance with all environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations. Our EMR (Experience Modification Rate) and TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate) are the lowest in the industry. We deliver worry-free roofing solutions with results you can trust. For more information on our dedication to safety, please visit our Safety page.

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Comprehensive Solutions: 

With experience on all major roof systems, we have the experience to get your project completed to your specifications taking into account any unique needs your facility may have. Once your new roof is completed, we will partner with you on all the maintenance and service that is needed. Our goal is to take care of your roofing asset and help extend its useful life.


Why DataCon for your new construction project?

Keeping all facilities watertight, protected from the elements and as safe as possible is essential. The energy efficiency of your roof is also critical: between the temperature fluctuations outside and the heat generated by equipment inside, a well-designed and built commercial roof goes beyond protecting your internal operations. When a roof installation requires advanced air and climate control, additional roof penetrations and foot traffic are unavoidable to maintain those HVAC systems. We provide a complete solution from installation to maintenance.

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CentiMark’s DataCon division’s experience:

5 million square feet of roofing installed and counting.

Some of our valued customers and partners include:

Austin Company = Louisiana

Fortis Construction = Oregon and New Mexico

Holder Construction = Alabama

JE Dunn Construction = Nebraska

Mortenson Construction = Utah

PP Midpoint LLC = Colorado

Turner Construction = Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Ohio

Facebook = Oregon, New Mexico, Utah, Nebraska, Alabama, Ohio and Virginia

Google = Nebraska


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