Preventative Roof Maintenance Program
Extend the life of your roof.

Preventative maintenance is a routine, professional upkeep program intended to eliminate premature roof damage and extend the life of your roof over time. An effective preventative maintenance strategy will extend your roof’s life cycle.

Roof maintenance doesn’t end at the roof membrane level. Accessories such as photovoltaic solar panels, coatings, skylights and light tubes all require regular maintenance in order for them to continue providing their energy-efficient return on investment.

Preventative Maintenance Programs and housekeeping are often required in order to meet the requirements of many long-term warranties.


What does a CentiMark Preventative Roof Maintenance Program include?

Our experienced service crews follow an inspection checklist of over 50 items related to your roofing system. These items include: documenting defects, points of deterioration and compromised roof accessories and assemblies.

After the checklist is completed, our experts create a customized preventative maintenance recommendation for your roof. This includes a detailed written assessment with photographs and repair or replacement solutions.

Common recommendations include:

  • Debris removal
  • Clear drains for proper water flow
  • Caulk terminations and pipe seals as needed
  • Repair roof surface defects, water-entry points and damage
  • Upgrade or add safety accessories to remain OSHA compliant.

Do I have to have a CentiMark roof to get a Preventative Maintenance Program?

No! We offer Preventative Maintenance Programs for any and every commercial roof from any installer.

Contact us to speak with an experienced CentiMark representative about your customized Preventative Maintenance Program.

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