Preventative Roof Maintenance Program
Maximize your investment and protect your roof today.

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A preventative maintenance program is a routine, comprehensive commercial roof maintenance program that is developed for you based on your individual needs.

This program is designed to extend and maximize the overall service life of your roof.

A preventative maintenance program includes:

1. An inspection - Our experienced CentiMark service crew will come out to inspect your roof. We follow a detailed checklist and thorough inspection process to ensure that nothing is overlooked. This checklist has over 50 items and documents:

        • Areas of defects
        • Points of deterioration
        • Compromised roof accessories and assemblies

2. Recommendations - Based on the inspection and your individual needs, our associates will develop a customized plan with recommendations to help keep your roof in great shape. These include:

        • General housekeeping
        • Roof cleaning/debris removal
        • Caulk terminations
        • Pipe seals
        • Leak repairs
        • Adding safety accessories
        • Updates to remain OSHA compliant

3. Implementation - Based on our recommendations, we will work with you to develop a schedule and course of action for routine care and maintenance to your roof. We will come out to complete the scheduled roofing service/repairs and provide you with a report once our work has been completed.

Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Program for Commercial Roofs:

        • Extend the life of your roof
        • Cost savings by keeping smaller issues at bay and avoiding unplanned repairs
        • A thorough understanding on the condition of your roof
        • A peace of mind that your roof is backed by a partner who cares

In addition to all these benefits, a preventative maintenance program is required under the terms of your CentiMark roof warranty along with other long-term warranties.

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A Step Above With CentiMark

We’ve got your roof covered. With a CentiMark Preventative Maintenance Program, know that you’re receiving top quality service for your roof and that our thorough inspections will make sure that your needs are documented and addressed. We are here to educate you and want to help you understand the condition of your roof so that we can work together to make the best decisions for your commercial roof.

Maximize your investment and ensure the safety of your roof and overall building by enrolling in a Preventative Maintenance Program for your roof today.

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