Commercial and Industrial Roof Replacement

CentiMark offers commercial and industrial replacement services customized to fit your needs. We specialize in flat roof replacement along with steep slope services. We offer and install all major roof systems, helping you make the right choice for your facility. 

Our roof systems include:

Thermoplastic (TPO & PVC) Roof SystemRoof CoatingsModified Bitumen & Built-up Roofing Systems





Metal Roofing SolutionsEPDMSPF for Commercial Roof Systems 

When Should You Replace Your Commercial Roof

As roof replacement specialists, CentiMark believes there are both risks and rewards in replacing a roof. Much like making the decision to purchase a new car, considerations must be made for general use and budget. Commercial roofing specific considerations for sensitivity to leaks and your facility must be taken into account as well. If a chronically leaky roof isn’t replaced in a timely manner, it can result in requiring replacement of not only the roof system, but also the insulation and potentially the deck.

Why is CentiMark the Best Decision for your Industrial Roof Replacement?

CentiMark services each of the eight major families of roof systems, rather than just one or two. This enables us to make a comprehensive, unbiased recommendation during the roof replacement process. We also use the latest in thermal imaging technology to accurately diagnose the condition of your existing roof.

The value of our advanced technology is surpassed only by the knowledge and experience of the CentiMark roofers working on your replacement. Along with extensive training, our experience allows us to thoroughly consider important factors such as climate, current roof system, and future needs to help you make the best decision.

Every commercial roof replacement project done by CentiMark begins with a free roof inspection and a pre-job meeting to determine the best way to replace your roof without interrupting your day-to day operations.

Filing an insurance claim? CentiMark is here to help.

We work with your insurance company to determine specification guidelines and provide an equal roof replacement system. We also work with our customers to provide alternate solutions to ensure that you are getting the most value from your claim.

Concerned about safety? We’ve got it covered.

Safety is also a top priority. Our incidence rate is lower than the industry average. All of our projects comply with OSHA guidelines and utilize the most advanced safety technology. Each of our projects receives an on-site safety plan created by our certified safety professionals.

Sounds like a good fit? Let’s work together!

To get you started with your industrial roof replacement, we offer a complimentary roof inspection to determine the condition of your roof. We also offer Asset Management and Asset Alert roof evaluations to help determine the life expectancy of your existing roof and proper next steps to ensure your facility is being protected. We will work with you to develop the best solution based on your budget, facility needs and timing.

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