SPF: Spray Polyurethane Foam


What is SPF?

The SPF roof system is composed of two liquid chemical compounds called isocyanate and polyol that form the base of an adhered roof system. A protective surface is then applied to the foam to provide an added barrier against the elements.

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Benefits of SPF
Solidified safeguard.

Due to the fact that SPF is applied as a liquid, it is seamless and self-adhering with no fasteners required. This versatile installation method allows it to conform to tight and awkward spaces on the roof. SPF roof systems are waterproof, resistant to hail and wind damage and provide the highest R-value (the measure of resistance to heat) of any roofing material.

SPF roof systems can be customized to fit particular drainage requirements. Adequate drainage is particularly important in these systems because of their natural sensitivity to water.

Why choose CentiMark as your SPF contractor?

Workmanship is more important to a good roof system than the materials themselves. Our mission is to keep our customers' buildings watertight, protect their properties and employees, all in concert with regular business operations. From inspection and installation to repairs and maintenance, we focus on workmanship and attention to detail, providing you a peace of mind with our Single Source Warranty that is backed by a multi-million dollar provision. Our dedicated service and production crews attend mandatory safety and installation training on a regular basis. This means your projects are OSHA compliant and completed by experienced, specialized experts every time.

Fast Fact: Due to the liquid application, SPF roofs can only be installed during specific weather conditions. Roofing contractors monitor weather conditions with hand-held electronic thermometers!

CentiMark is experienced in SPF application with all types of coating and weatherability needs. Contact us for a quote today!

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