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Attaching Equipment to Your Roof

Attaching Equipment to Your Roof Attaching Equipment to Your Roof

Is your rooftop equipment secure?

Rooftop projections can often become detached from your roof in the event of strong winds, monsoons and hurricanes if not properly secured to your roof.

Windblown, detached rooftop projections can cause damage to your roof membrane, equipment and building as well as prove to be safety hazards to your staff.

Keep your assets, building and employees safe and secure by ensuring the proper attachment of your rooftop projections. Take a look at how we recommend to best secure some common assets to your roof:

Fan attachments:

Fans are often blown off the roof because they are poorly attached. Even when the fan base is secured, the parts of the fan may become dislodged, which is why it is always very important to properly secure the entire unit. Cable tie-downs are a recommended method to secure fans and avoid blow-off.

Access Panels and Equipment Screens:

Access panels and equipment screens frequently blow off roofs, and modification may be necessary to ensure proper attachment to the roof deck. All fasteners need to be installed on access panels to avoid blow off of access panels, and equipment screens should be retrofitted so that they are secured to the building.


Condensers are frequently placed on wood sleepers resting on the roof that are not properly secured. Instead, it is recommended that condensers are either mechanically attached to the roof deck or anchored to equipment stands.

By ensuring the proper attachment of your rooftop assets, you will be better prepared for protecting your business and employees from harsh wind and weather.

At CentiMark, we can conduct a free and comprehensive evaluation of your rooftop projections to determine if any modification may be required.

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