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Cindy Molnar, National Accounts Manager, Corporate Celebrated 36 years at CentiMark on February 19, 2022

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Today is the second in our six part blog series featuring our memories from several of CentiMark’s longest term associates and a focus on the “Mark” that CentiMark and the Dunlap’s have contributed to the commercial roofing and flooring industries. We’re celebrating CentiMark’s 54th anniversary on April 19, 2022.

We celebrate all 3,500 of CentiMark, QuestMark and CentiMark Ltd associates throughout North America’s 95 office locations.

“We became a billion dollar corporation in December 2021! Thank you to all CentiMark associates past and present for all your hard work and dedication. Without you, we could not have achieved this milestone. I want to thank my son Tim Dunlap [President & CEO] for his leadership in steering this ship to one billion,” says Edward  B. Dunlap, Founder & Chairman. “My suggestion to you is always the same: Work Hard, Work Smart, Work Safely and Have Fun.” 

CentiMark is proud of our 3,500 associates throughout North America. We have 264 associates with 20+ years of experience at the company. Today, we want to thank and acknowledge those associates:


Cindy Molnar, National Accounts Manager, Corporate

Celebrated 36 years at CentiMark on February 19, 2022

 Looking back over her 36 years at CentiMark, Cindy reminisces, “It went by so fast! I feel very fortunate that I have spent the majority of my life at such an amazing organization. I was able to participate in a company that has grown to a billion dollar organization. And, I am so blessed with the friendships I have made along the way!”

 “There were many challenges - along with long days, weeks and even months. But we overcame them!” adds Cindy. “I learned so much from others at CentiMark and from our clients.”

 During her 36 years at CentiMark, Cindy had an interesting and diverse career path. Cindy’s career at CentiMark began in 1986 as a payroll manager, reporting to then CFO John Rudzik in the Bethel Park, PA office.

 Ed Dunlap and John Rudzik then promoted her to office manager. “I had so many duties in that role from the switchboard, the fleet of vehicles, procurement, telecom, sales meetings, customer outings and any ideas that Mr. Dunlap had and wanted something done about it.”

Cindy also worked with Anna Dunlap and an interior designer to choose the colors, fabrics, artwork and other amenities for CentiMark’s Corporate office in 1996.

Cindy then was promoted to National Accounts - Inside Sales Manager by Mr. Dunlap and Tony Wasson, former National Accounts Manager. In that capacity, she managed inside sales, customer service and several GPO accounts. Cindy was again promoted by Mr. Dunlap to a National Account Manager (NAM) to manage our National Accounts clients in western PA, western NY and Cleveland and Columbus, OH.

She is currently a National Accounts Manager, reporting to John Godwin, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Cindy’s current GPO Accounts are: OMNIA (formerly Corporate United); Conductiv (healthcare) and the National Service Program with Don Lyter, Global Accounts, Director of Service, working on the Asset Alert and Preventative Maintenance programs.

Cindy credits John Rudzik, currently Executive Director of CentiMark Foundation and retired CFO, as her mentor and biggest supporter throughout her career. She notes, “Ed Dunlap has always pushed me along when needed. Both John and Ed Dunlap believed in me even before I believed in myself.”

“CentiMark has offered me such much growth over the past 36 years both professionally and personally,” continues Cindy. “I was very fortunate to start when the company was small and it feels as if I have grown up in the family. We have amazing colleagues at CentiMark!”

While Cindy has so many great memories at CentiMark, she cites her favorite memories as the trips to the Bahamas and the fun everyone had. “Junkanoo Parades…the food… the entertainment,” remembers Cindy. She was also instrumental in planning and coordinating the Bahamas trips. 

Cindy has a lot of insight into CentiMark over her 36 years. What she wants new CentiMark associates to know is: “Your potential is unlimited. Work smart and be open to new ideas and opportunities. Listen to others. Be willing to take on new challenges and new roles. Everyday is not easy - but it is worth it!”

Congratulations to Ed Dunlap,Tim Dunlap, Cindy Molnar and all of CentiMark on our 54th Anniversary - April 19, 2022.



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