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Inspections: Making Your Roof and Floor Last.

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Did you know that roofs and floors age over time? The life of your roof and floor can be improved by inspecting them on a regular basis.

Maintaining the condition of your roof and floor is essential to keeping your business operations uninterrupted by roof leaks or slip and fall accidents. How can you stay ahead of the game? The answer lies in systematic health checks of your assets. A comprehensive inspection of your roof and floor will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the current state of both and identify issues such as roof leaks, clogged drains or floor cracks. Addressing these quickly will prevent minor defects from snowballing into a considerable expense later.

When an inspection is performed, a qualified CentiMark or QuestMark associate will take a look at the entire roofing or flooring system and will provide you with:

  • Photographs
  • Detailed written assessment report
  • Cost-effective maintenance, repair or replacement solutions
  • Cost estimates for any recommended solutions

Not only do we perform standard floor inspections, but we also perform floor safety inspections. A safety inspection looks at your surfaces to define current conditions and outline hazards and needed demarcations. Photos and a written report will be provided after the safety inspection is completed. During an inspection our qualified associates can also assist you in identifying the proper maintenance and cleaning products.

While annual roof inspections are crucial to keeping your building watertight, being proactive about inclement weather may help you preserve your budget as well. Summer storms and hurricanes can be relentless on your facility's roof. We recommend performing a comprehensive roof inspection before and after a major weather event to simplify the insurance claims process and identify any problems that may result in damage over time. In short, inspections are a crucial tool to help you stay on top of roof leaks and floor damage.


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