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Tried and True: Metal Roofing and Siding for Your Building.

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More and more commercial and industrial facilities across North America choose metal roofing and siding as their ultimate solution to stay watertight and fire-resistant. Let's look at some benefits that drive the interest in metal solutions. 

  • Longevity: Commercial metal roofs and siding can last up to 50 years when installed and maintained correctly.
  • Durability and weather resistance: Various thicknesses and finishes allow metal solutions to resist storms, harsh environments, corrosive exhausts and pollutants. Metal panels are fantastic at shedding rain and snow and keeping their like-new look for a long time.
  • Class A fire rating: Metal solutions are non-combustible and simplify your fire safety compliance.
  • Ease of installation: Metal roofs and siding are lightweight making them easier to install in a variety of applications.
  • Potential for retrofitting: The outstanding durability of metal panels allows many facilities to retrofit their existing roof instead of replacing them. The retrofitting process involves placing insulation panels into the flutes of your metal roof, adding a recovery layer or insulation and then installing a roof membrane.
  • Sustainability: These solutions may drastically decrease energy bills through additional insulation and reflectivity when installed correctly. They are durable and recyclable; retrofitting (see above) with metal alternatives can save your budget and reduce waste in landfills.
  • Visual customization: Metal roofs and siding can enhance the look of your facility through custom colors and elements to match your brand. They are ideal for unique profiles and architectural accents.

So, metal solutions are definitely something to consider for upgrading your existing roof or siding installation. Can you customize them further to fit your facility's exact needs and functions? Absolutely! Let's say your area gets a lot of snow and ice during winter. Not a problem: you can advance your already weather-resistant metal roof with snow guards or de-icing cable systems to help you manage excessive snow. Located in an area with high UV exposure? Look into various coatings to add extra reflectivity and heat resistance. Expecting foot traffic on your facility's roof? Look into safety rails, walkway systems, skylight screens and other roof safety accessories to minimize the risks on your roof. The possibilities to tailor your metal roof to your specific operational needs are endless.

What is the key to keeping your metal roof in its best shape? Maintenance. While metal solutions are highly robust, they still need your help, particularly after weather events.

  • Inspect your roof regularly: We recommend evaluating your commercial roof at least twice a year, in fall and spring. While properly installed roofs can withstand various high wind speeds, it is imperative to inspect your roof after extreme weather events to identify any potential damage.
  • Keep all drainage systems clean and free of any obstruction: Debris and leaves, especially when mixed with frozen water, may clog your gutters and drains. Proper drainage is crucial for any roof.
  • Prevent vegetation from rubbing or scratching the surface: While metal roofs are highly durable, the coatings may get damaged over time from flying debris and the elements. 
  • Never delay repairs: Prevent minor issues like cracked sealant or loose fasteners from escalating into larger matters by immediately addressing any weak points and potential water intrusion.
  • Sign up for a preventative maintenance plan: Take roof maintenance off your plate and get peace of mind with scheduling routine, professional maintenance that will extend the life of  your roof.

To summarize, longevity and durability are the chief benefits of metal solutions. In addition, their lightweight nature allows for quick installation and repair. Metal solutions are environmentally friendly and are available in many different styles and color choices, making these systems a good fit when aesthetics are important. However, installing and maintaining them properly will make a world of difference in their resistance to the elements and aging. Therefore, choosing the right roofing contractor to do the job is crucial. Would you like to discuss the metal solutions and services available to you? Contact us today! We have over 95 offices across North America, allowing us to deliver consistent results for your facility regardless of your location. Our dedicated Metal Solutions division is here to help you.


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