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Roof and Floor Warranties

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Whether you noticed a roof leak or damage to your commercial floor -- the first thing on your mind is your asset’s warranty. Do you have a warranty? What will it cover? Let's explore the options.

Standard Manufacturer's Warranty - Covers the roof or floor itself, meaning materials used by your contractor. The warranty length may span from years to a lifetime, but there's a catch: you may be responsible for any labor costs. The majority of manufacturers' warranties only pay for the defective product. Therefore, you are out of luck if a manufacturer determines that your warranty is not valid due to your contractor's workmanship shortcomings. For example, mistakes during installation may result in an early failure of your assets. But that has nothing to do with the factory warranty on materials. Relying purely on your standard manufacturer's warranty is a gamble.

Contractor Workmanship Warranty - The length of the labor warranty depends on the contractor you hire. Before committing to a roofing or flooring project, make sure to thoroughly research your contractor's track record, financial standing and the warranties they offer. If the contractor determines that the issues you are experiencing are not related to the workmanship, you are out of luck.. Again.

As someone in charge of repairs you may find yourself stuck in the middle between your manufacturer blaming your contractor and vice versa. How can you avoid that? The answer is a comprehensive warranty covering both materials and labor, which is the type of warranty offered by CentiMark Corporation, the largest commercial roofing and flooring contractor in North America.

Single Source Warranty - Covering both workmanship and factory materials, this warranty plan allows you to make just one call and resolve your roofing or flooring issues all at once—no more confusion, no more stuck in the middle. A Single Source Warranty protects you and your assets. With CentiMark, you may also customize your warranty depending on your unique needs. 

 Also, keep in mind ongoing preventative maintenance is a provision of your warranty. This allows you to stay ahead of any repairs and helps to extend the life of your roofing and flooring assets. 

When purchasing a roofing or flooring solution, ask your contractor about the warranties offered. Make sure you truly understand and agree with what is being covered. We recommend considering comprehensive warranties that combine both materials and workmanship to avoid confusion between manufacturers and contractors if problems arise.

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