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CentiMark’s 54th Anniversary - April 19, 2022 The first, second and third generations of Dunlaps

Dunlaps 3rd Generation

Congratulations to Ed Dunlap, Founder and Chairman, on this 54th anniversary of founding the company that would become the billion dollar CentiMark Corporation in 2021. Working with Tim Dunlap, President and CEO, the father and son team have built CentiMark into the largest commercial roofing and flooring contractor in North America. 


Three members of the third generation of Dunlaps have joined CentiMark and the family business at the Corporate & Steel Valley offices, Canonsburg, PA:

  • Philip Kerns, Credit Analyst (four years) - grandson of Ed Dunlap and nephew of Tim Dunlap
  • Ashlee Dunlap, Human Resources Assistant (one year) - granddaughter of Ed Dunlap and niece of Tim Dunlap 
  • Josh Pisarcik, Manager of National Accounts - Northern Group (four months) - son-in-law of Tim Dunlap.


Congratulations to Ed Dunlap from Josh:

Papa (Ed): Your creative vision and immense contribution to the CentiMark organization has made it a great place to work. Best wishes to you on a well-deserved 54th anniversary and many more to go! 


Congratulations to Tim Dunlap from Josh:

Tim: Every company should have somebody like you to take them forward. Your dedication and passion for your work make you what you are - one in a billion. Keep raising the bar with your ingenuity. Happy 54th anniversary CentiMark! 


Congratulations to Ed Dunlap and Tim Dunlap from Phil: To my grandfather, Ed Dunlap, and uncle, Tim Dunlap, I wanted to send the grandest “Congratulations!” possible. You both have inspired me in more ways than one and your love and dedication to CentiMark radiate through every level of this organization.


Congratulations to Ed Dunlap and Tim Dunlap from Ashlee: I would like to congratulate my Grandfather, Uncle Tim and the entire Family on fifty-four amazing years in business. I am proud to be a part of the CentiMark Family. 


What's it like to work in the third generation in your family's business? What does that mean to continue the Dunlap legacy?

Phil: Having watched CentiMark grow my entire life, I am filled with a strong sense of pride and humility. When I was nearing the end of my MBA, my Grandpa called me asking if I wanted to work for him. Without any hesitation, I gave him a resounding “Yes.” Since starting at CentiMark in January of 2019, I have been welcomed into this CentiMark Family with open arms by my peers. As a member of the third generation of my family’s business, I aim to perpetuate the culture that my Grandpa and Uncle have instilled. The culture of honest work, giving back to our communities and turning associates into family makes us who we are as a company. I couldn’t be any more proud to carry these values forward. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to carry on the legacy of the ones before me - despite how big those shoes are to fill. 

Ashlee: It is great working as the third generation in the family business. It means so much to me that I am able to carry on the legacy that my grandfather created fifty-four years ago. 

Josh: Working as the third generation for my wife’s family's business is a great honor. We have sound clientele, secure suppliers, exceptional associates and an established foothold in the marketplace. As a member of the third generation, it certainly takes hard work, diligence and entrepreneurial spirit to keep the legacy alive. Every day is a reminder of how fortunate I am to be part of such an elite team that is paving the way for generations to come. With that said, it is a blessing to work with the Dunlap’s and our CentiMark family.


Did you receive any advice from Ed Dunlap or Tim Dunlap about working in the family business? 

Advice from Ed (Papa) and Uncle Tim: The advice that my Uncle Tim and Grandfather Ed gave me is to work hard and persevere and you will be one step closer to success. Ashlee

Advice from Ed (Papa): Don’t let family emotions control the business; make the best decisions that depend on the business for the business.  Josh

Advice from Tim: Separate business from personal matters. At the office you talk about business. At family functions, don’t mix business and family. Josh

Advice from Ed (Papa):Throughout my life, Ed Dunlap, my “Papa”, has always emphasized the importance of family, faith and hard work. As the head of our family, he has always led us by example and never let us forget what things matter the most. After 54 amazing years of growth and success, I cannot emphasize how proud I am to be a part of this amazing organization.  Phil


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