CentiMark's 54th Anniversary - Associates with 20+ years

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Today, we celebrate all 3,500 of CentiMark, QuestMark and CentiMark Ltd associates throughout North America.


“Thank you to all CentiMark associates past and present for all your hard work, dedication and your contributions to the phenomenal success of CentiMark,” says Edward  B. Dunlap, Founder & Chairman. “My suggestion to you is always the same: Work Hard, Work Smart, Work Safely and Have Fun.”


CentiMark is proud of our 3,500 associates throughout North America. We have 246 associates with 20+ years of experience at the company. Today, we want to thank and acknowledge those associates:



Gurdev Gill, Crane Operator, Westland, MI, Celebrating 36 years at CentiMark on August 7, 2022



Gurdev is a Crane Operator in the Westland, MI office. He is responsible for crane operations and delivery of all materials to the crews working at jobs throughout the southeast Michigan region.


Gurdev started working on a crew in the Westland, MI office on August 7, 1986. He then was promoted to assistant foreman and then foreman on October 3, 1988. He was promoted to gravel vacuum truck operator on March 16, 1992. Gurdev was then promoted to warehouse assistant and second truck driver. On June 3, 1996, he was promoted to his current position of crane operator.


“I enjoy working at CentiMark because the company prioritizes safety. I enjoy every person I work with from the executives to the crew members,” says Gurdev. “My fondest memory was our trip to the Bahamas. I will never forget getting $100 to go to the casino!”


“I also love when my kids wear my CentiMark work clothes - the coziest and most in-demand hoodies,” adds Gurdev. “What I want everyone to know about CentiMark is that it is a caring company. CentiMark cares about your future and will take care of you.”



Cindy Molnar, National Accounts Manager, Corporate Celebrated 36 years at CentiMark on February 19, 2022


Cindy Molnar Headshot


Looking back over her 36 years at CentiMark, Cindy reminisces, “It went by so fast! I feel very fortunate that I have spent the majority of my life at such an amazing organization. I was able to participate in a company that has grown to a billion dollar organization. And, I am so blessed with the friendships I have made along the way!”


 “There were many challenges - along with long days, weeks and even months. But we overcame them!” adds Cindy. “I learned so much from others at CentiMark and from our clients.”


 During her 36 years at CentiMark, Cindy had an interesting and diverse career path. Cindy’s career at CentiMark began in 1986 as a payroll manager, reporting to then CFO John Rudzik in the Bethel Park, PA office.


Ed Dunlap and John Rudzik then promoted her to office manager. “I had so many duties in that role from the switchboard, the fleet of vehicles, procurement, telecom, sales meetings, customer outings and any ideas that Mr. Dunlap had and wanted something done about it.”


Cindy also worked with Anna Dunlap and an interior designer to choose the colors, fabrics, artwork and other amenities for CentiMark’s Corporate office in 1996.


Cindy then was promoted to National Accounts - Inside Sales Manager by Mr. Dunlap and Tony Wasson, former National Accounts Manager. In that capacity, she managed inside sales, customer service and several GPO accounts. Cindy was again promoted by Mr. Dunlap to a National Account Manager (NAM) to manage our National Accounts clients in western PA, western NY and Cleveland and Columbus, OH.


She is currently a National Accounts Manager, reporting to John Godwin, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Cindy’s current GPO Accounts are: OMNIA (formerly Corporate United); Conductiv (healthcare) and the National Service Program with Don Lyter, Global Accounts, Director of Service, working on the Asset Alert and Preventative Maintenance programs.


Cindy credits John Rudzik, currently Executive Director of CentiMark Foundation and retired CFO, as her mentor and biggest supporter throughout her career. She notes, “Ed Dunlap has always pushed me along when needed. Both John and Ed Dunlap believed in me even before I believed in myself.”


“CentiMark has offered me such much growth over the past 36 years both professionally and personally,” continues Cindy. “I was very fortunate to start when the company was small and it feels as if I have grown up in the family. We have amazing colleagues at CentiMark!”


While Cindy has so many great memories at CentiMark, she cites her favorite memories as the trips to the Bahamas and the fun everyone had. “Junkanoo Parades…the food… the entertainment,” remembers Cindy. She was also instrumental in planning and coordinating the Bahamas trips. 


Cindy has a lot of insight into CentiMark over her 36 years. What she wants new CentiMark associates to know is: “Your potential is unlimited. Work smart and be open to new ideas and opportunities. Listen to others. Be willing to take on new challenges and new roles. Everyday is not easy - but it is worth it!”



James Dabaldo, QuestMark Admin, Corporate Celebrated 36 years at CentiMark on February 17, 2022


James Dabaldo Picture


If you know James Dabaldo, he is a storyteller, a jokester, a friend and a devoted father. He’s also a loyal CentiMark and QuestMark associate who has dedicated his work life to “whatever it takes” to get the job done. He takes great pride in his work and personal relationships with Ed Dunlap, Tim Dunlap and Steve Dunlap over the years.


Currently, James multi-tasks several jobs at QuestMark Corporate offices. He helps Lori Rossi, QuestMark Procurement Manager, when needed. He works with the QuestMark Sales Reps and their Demo/Tech persons by processing their Material Sales via Magento catalog. He also handles billing for QuestMark sales that were generated via the flooring catalog and Amazon. In addition, he creates bills, sends out SDS (Safety Data Sheets) sheets, credit card receipts and other tasks as required.


James' career path started in the Warehouse in Bethel Park, PA. He worked three days a week for two weeks and then became full time. Sam Stephan was the Warehouse Manager and taught him the business. “Sam would volunteer me and some other guys to work on flooring jobs on Friday night through the weekend after a 40 hour work week and we could pick up another 30 hours in overtime,” says James. “My next boss was Steve Dunlap [now President, National Polymers]. He was tough and all business. But he taught me about the company [then Consolidated Enterprise Incorporated] and the history of the businesses.” 


After Steve Dunlap moved to National Polymers, James was in charge of the Warehouse for the next 20 years. He was responsible for loading roofing and flooring jobs and keeping two trucks busy delivering the company's other supplies and products: glues, two piece metal edge, determination bar, cold patch, stop leak kits and small tools.


“Working in the Warehouse was my time with Mr. Dunlap,” says James. “He is and always was the best salesman ever at CentiMark. After he traveled, he would stop in the warehouse full of questions: ‘how much of this material do we have in stock? How long will it take to have three truck loads of roof coatings made for this material sale?’”  


“Mr. Dunlap was always easy for me to talk to,” adds James. “On weekdays, he always wore a suit and tie but when he came in to work on the weekends, he wore jeans. Ed Dunlap taught me so much about work and about life. He would say to me: ‘Sometime you cannot hit a home run, but it sure is nice to get up to the plate and try.’”


Working in the Warehouse, James credits Joe Scarmazzi for teaching him about roofing and Albert “Butch” Daugherty for teaching him about flooring. “Joe would have different suppliers come in with their products and do testing on different tapes, primers, adhesives, membranes, fasteners and other products and tools. Joe explained how and why we used specific products and how we would apply the products in different situations,” continues James. “It was an education that is second to none!”


“At that time, NPI (National Polymers Inc.) was located next to our Corporate offices. That’s where Butch taugh me flooring,” adds James. ”Butch would make and test new flooring products. He would bring them over to our warehouse. We would put the product down at the end of the day and run over them with a forklift until they were cured. We would try our best to destroy the test patch with spinning tires or dragging heavy skids with nails sticking out of the bottom boards. We had to know how the products would hold up to the competition. After lab testing and our efforts to destroy the products, we would market the product. That’s how I learned packaging sizes, colors specific to certain products and applications of each of the flooring systems that we sold.”


James enjoys so many aspects of his job: working with his co-workers at Corporate and in the field; helping new Tech Reps who are learning to enter new Materials sales orders in the system; working with customers who have purchased products or are about to purchase products to give them pointers on the applications. “When I see repeat orders, I know our customers liked the product and that it worked for them,” concludes James.


“CentiMark has come a long way since I started and we were not even selling $50 million,” remembers James. “Mr. Dunlap said: ‘If you sell $100 million, we’ll go to the Bahamas’...and we did! And what great memories those trips were!”


“If you are a new CentiMark associate, my advice is to work the best that you can and give 100% and you will be noticed and rewarded,” says James. “If you are up on the roof or on the floor, learn everything that you can. The company may roll the dice on you to take the next step. Take advantage of the 401k Plan and pay yourself first. Put a few more dollars away - and you’ll never miss it! One day you’ll be at the proverbial fork in the road…and the fork may say: ‘Stay as long as the Dunlap’s will have you!’”


Tina Callaway, Executive Administrative Assistant, National Accounts, Johns Creek, GA Celebrated 37 years at CentiMark on March 5, 2022


Tina Callaway Picture


Tina works as an Executive Administrative Assistant to John Godwin, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. She is responsible for all National, Regional and Service sales reports. Tina also onboards, trains and supervises the National Accounts Admin staff.  


Tina began her career at CentiMark in 1985 as an Office Manager in the Duluth, GA office (hired by Helen Hunsberger, Corporate). She started working part-time when her children were born. In her part-time capacity, she handled payroll, expenses and other miscellaneous duties and then moved into National Accounts as an Admin. When Tina went back to work full-time, her responsibilities increased with additional NAMs to support and to include Regional and National sales reports for John Godwin. Over the past few years, she also took on the responsibilities of National Accounts Admin supervisor.


“What I like best at CentiMark are the people that I work with daily and also those that are in the other offices that I have gotten to know,” says Tina. “John Godwin has been great to work for. He has given me confidence with each new responsibility or assignment he gives me.” 

“My favorite CentiMark memory was the first time I got to ride in a plane after a sales meeting in Charlotte,” adds Tina. “I don't remember what year it was - probably late 1980's.”


When Tina was asked to share what current associates do not know about CentiMark’s early days, Tina responded: “For those of us who have been here for a long time, we used typewriters, not computers. All quotes had to be manually typed and pictures glued to paper before quotes went out the door. I even used to cut pieces of rubber for samples to go with the quotes. I shared a phone with the Operations Manager. And, if I had free time, I had to cold call potential customers using a phone book.” 


“We had to call in our timesheets to Corporate for payroll,” adds Tina. “Then when fax machines became a ‘thing’, we would fax the time sheets. Gosh, I miss those days! Just kidding, I love my computer!”


“In celebrating CentiMark’s 54 years and my 37 years, I feel thankful each day I can go to work for a company that has grown so much,” concludes Tina. “I am proud to be a part of the growth and success of CentiMark.”


John Pallo, Vice President - Service - Northern Group Celebrates 38 years at CentiMark on October 10, 2022


John Palo Picture


As the Vice President of Service, Northern Group and CentiMark Service Committee Member, John works with all Northern Service Sales Reps and Service Managers. He also works with National Accounts and Customer Service to assist with any Service needs and to develop customers. John also works with Safety Reps for training and compliance for the Service crews.


John has had a long and successful career at CentiMark. He was hired in 1984 as a roofing laborer at $6 per hour at Northern Industrial Maintenance in Akron, OH. He then moved to a Service Helper, Service Forman and, in 1987, a Production Foreman. 


John was responsible for our first roofing project in Scottsdale, AZ for The Stouffer’s Cottonwood Resort. The resort had 34 buildings - three hotel rooms per building. Each had their own roof so 102 roofs total. John remembers going to Arizona with three roofers - two from Dayton, OH and one from Akron, OH. He was given a phone book and told: ‘Hire your crews and order your materials.’ They worked in the off season in Arizona - June through September - to install the roofs. Due to the heat, the crews could only work six to seven hours a day. So as John remembers, it was a long and tedious project!


In late 1987, John transferred to the Elkhart, IN office as a Foreman. He also supervised another crew, did service work and some Operations Management.


John transferred to the Westland, MI office in 1989 to become then Senior Project Manager Bob Rudzik's Technical Rep. At that time, CentiMark did all of the estimating by hand. John also helped Marco Urbanic develop our first computerized estimating program on the Apple Mac - a disk driven format.


John was promoted to Operation Manager in 1991. When Bob Fulton [retired Group Director] took over operations, John was Vice President of Operations for the Northern Group and was later promoted to Motor City [MI] Regional Manager.


John was promoted in 2009 to the Northern Group Service Director, working with Ken Zmich [retired Vice President of Service] and the other Group Service Directors. Five years ago, John was promoted to his current position of Vice President of Service - Northern Group. 


“CentiMark - once Consolidated Enterprises - always provided opportunity and security,” says John. “Mr. D [Ed Dunlap] had a vision. He motivated his associates and gave us numerous reasons to work hard and make improvements.” John remembers that Mr. D had so many innovative ideas - including his idea for a Single Source Warranty on workmanship and materials. “The Single Source Warranty is one of his forward-thinking ideas that contributed to our success,’’ continues John. ”Thanks to Mr. D’s leadership, we ever missed a paycheck. I had good health insurance for 38 years. I was able to support my family and live a good life. And our ESOP [Employee Stock Ownership Plan] and 401K Plan only add to our financial success. Not many companies offer these significant benefits to their associates.”


John says, “I had so many mentors at CentiMark that helped me in my career. My first mentor was Ed Dunlap. We all learned so much from him as he grew this company. I also have to acknowledge Joseph Urbanic, Sr., who taught me about business; Bob Rudzik, who taught me about sales; and Steve Hecht, who taught me about National Accounts. Tim Dunlap helped me learn to become a Regional Manager and, eventually, a Group Director. And, John Rudzik always helped me with finances and setting standards for professionalism.”

“I have so many memories at CentiMark and I probably have forgotten half of them,” adds John. “One of my best memories is when CentiMark associates went to Merv Griffin's Paradise Island Bahamas on our first big meeting. We had an amazing time - and, of course winning, $10,000 on a slot machine on the last day was a great memory. I was glad that I did not win it on the first day!” 


“Oh, the old days. I was a computer science major who dropped out of college and found an amazing career,” remembers John. “Today’s associates have such advantages with equipment, materials and technology that make roofing so much more efficient. We worked 70 hours a week back then and prayed for a rainy day!” John adds, “One thing never changes: new associates have the same opportunities that we did if they show up for work, work hard and keep their eyes open for opportunities. The value of all of the CentiMark benefits have not changed over the years.” 


“Thanks to Mr D - he created a company that if you work hard, you can be successful,” concludes John. “After 38 years, time flies by! I have made so many friends here and I am very proud to wear the CentiMark logo! I will not say it was easy and I sure learned a trade the hard way at times! CentiMark is a  great company and I never imagined the success that I could achieve here.”


Today, we're honoring 246 associates who have dedicated more than two decades to our company. On this special day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and recognition to these valued team members.


54 Years

Edward B. Dunlap - Founder & Chairman


51 Years

Steve Hecht - Director of Catholic & Christian Facilities


45 Years

John Rudzik - Executive Director, CentiMark Foundation


44 Years 

Timothy M. Dunlap - President & Chief Executive Officer


41 Years

David Zanolli


40 Years

Daniel Miller


38 Years

John Pallo


37 Years

Tina Callaway


36 Years

James Dabaldo

Cindy Molnar

Gurdev Gill


35 Years

George “Chip” Horrell, Jr

Tammy Keener

Mark Cooper - Executive V.P. & Eastern Group Director

James Patterson


34 Years

Steve Ferencz - Executive V.P. & Western Group Director

Mark Moore

Stephen Exterovich


33 Years

Rick Stahlman 

Brad Ferguson


32 Years

Paul Karloski

Michael Buchanczenko

Robert McKenzie

Rob Madore

Brian Fox

Michael Horwath

John Godwin, Jr. - Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Fred Evans

Brian Raymore

Joseph Ventura


31 Years

Brian Green, Sr.

James Rice

Robert Felix III

Quin Johnson

Darren Crosse

Kirk Rust


30 Years

David Armstrong

Greg Wilson

Jeff Shepherd - Executive V.P. & Northern Group Director

Charlie Hambrick

Daniel Razo

Chris Riskus


29 Years

Keith Battenfield - Executive V.P. & Southern Group Director

William Melzer

Timothy Mack

David LaMolinare

Pedro  Botello

John Scanlon - Executive V.P. & QuestMark Group Director

Wayne Barr

Steven Brauns

Randy Sandvig

John Champlin 

Nick LaMolinare

Kevin Meis

Francis Tremblay

Jeffrey Michelone

Scott Luck

Paul Scharbo

Frederick Gartner III

Ken Ferencz


28 Years

Brian Altvater

Ann Gleason

Ivan Suarez

James Bender

Kimberly Brown

Don Lyter

John Fernandez


27 Years

James Fohrman

Larry Davis

Melchor Corona-Lopez

James Best

Rhonda Armstrong

Mark Harrison

Serafin Gutierrez

Sharon Calhoun

Isaias Mendoza

William Cehelsky

David Simpson

Claude Gerhart

Jose Gutierrez


26 Years

Scott McClellan

James Elerick

Harold Oliver

Brian Weller

Tim Tighe

James Wistrand

Rebeca Debor

Robert Penney - Executive V.P. & CentiMark, Ltd Group Director

James Gasper

Eric Osbourne

David Price

Cody Campbell

Steven Woods

Troy Peters

Sammy Zepeda

Salvador Carrillo

David Hiester

Miguel  Herrera

Ilija Bakovic

Brandon Leach

Russell Toms, Jr.

Thomas Vehrs

Arthur Collias


25 Years

Cal Reese

David Pineo

Matt Shane

Catherine Evanovich

James Keith

Juan Nunez

John Zivkovich

Anselmo Roldan

Wber Garcia

Kathy Slencak

Robert Dennis 

Robert Marshall

Christy Brauns

Thep Yun

Scott Stewart

Gregory Phillips

Sharon Mallon

Ted Widger, Jr.

Adbul Rashid

Rafael Soto

Robert Zovko, Jr.

Kurt Schneider

Jason Dewey

Shawna Leighty

Lisa Mychalishyn

Brian Scanlon


24 Years

Lori McCorgary

Jose Ortiz

Jeff Doll

Angel Torres

Karen Briihl

Joe Filtz

Lori Beck

Richard Buehler

Jose Villatoro

Christopher Gagnon

Tammy McCullough

Joe Fricke

George Balch

Jose C. Faz

Jose S. Faz

Rodney Beck

Randall Rowan

Armondo Delgado

Anthony Ruff

Michelle White

Jesus Ochoa

Juan Ochoa


23 Years

Tony Alderson

Nelson Baptista

Rick Carreiro

Luis DaSilva

Mike Griffin

Joey Scobey

Kenneth Aley

Lynn Palma

Russell Trueblood

Cindy Semack

Thor DiCesare

Ronald Pritt

Mike Panzarella

Joseph Watkins

Jose G. Faz

John Heisey - Executive Vice President & CFO

Miriam Jamgochian

Hether Reynolds

Wendy Eldridge

James Ackman

Dennis Davis

Amin Rassoul

Scott Terpstra

Victor Leon

Jason Meyers

Ralph McCorkle

Michael Reynolds

Roberto Higuera

Paul Ricci

Nahn Morgan

Niranjan “Ninja” Yerraguntla

Layo Maxwell

Sandra Wheeler

Robert Walker

Andrea Ward

Dennis Wehn


22 Years

Ryan Gibson

David Roberts

Brenda Jordan

Larry Lepa

Michael Collins

Michael Craig

James Hoang

Bo Preap

Juan Vasquez

Steve Rudolph

David Johnson

Bryan MacDonald

Victor Marshall

Cheryl Welch

Richard Stein, Jr.

Elris Kelso

Luis Plaza-Lopez

Donald Graham

Christopher Bisson


21 Years

Juan Enriquez

David Goldberg

Christine Russ

Michael Gainor

Jonathan Miller

Jeffrey Papillon

Patrick Gandee

Maria Keller

Sisompho Phaxaisithideth

Mark Garrett

James Tremmel

Robert Rostocka

Daniel Goffredo

Sheri Olenak-Ranallo

Martin Pacheco

Kevin O’Dea

Jacob Attanasio

Francisco Cardenas

Donald Fazio

Michael Schowalter

Nancy Spencer

Rito Badillo

Rina Dunn

Tina Minnich

Joshua Kanner

Steven Thao


20 Years

Pedro Arguelles

Javier Bustamante

Jose Urcino

Eugene Leagon, Jr.

Miguel Rodriquez

Velvet Arthurs

Albert Hendrickson III

Te Phaxaysithideth

Elvis Reyes

William Reyes

Eduardo Lopez

Steve DaSilva

Brett Kelly

Daryl Klinge

Philip Wilkie

Erasmo Lopez

Robert Hoffner

James Mostek, Jr.

Dayna Buechs

Joseph C. Urbanic

Jeremy Gearhart

Fortunato Castillo

Luis Rodriguez-Santia

Wilmer Flores

David Cheek

Charles Douglas

Heather Cooper

Cleofas Gomez

Brendan Jenkins

Eduardo Quinonez

Jorge Diaz

Matthew Urbanic



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