Qualifying Your Roofing Project: What is the Optimal Solution for Your Facility

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Your commercial roof is your first line of defense against the elements, protecting everything below - your associates, equipment, inventory, property and much more. In addition, it plays a massive role in your building's energy efficiency and resale value. With so much on the line, ensuring you make correct, educated decisions regarding your roof condition is crucial. 



We've created a quick list of qualifying questions to help you plan and budget your commercial roofing projects. Here are some factors to start with:

  • What is your roof's size? The square footage of your roof will play a significant part in your budget, whether you're planning for preventative maintenance, repairs, coatings or need to reroof. It will determine the amount of materials and labor required for the project. 

  • Age? All roof systems are expected to perform for a specific number of years. While you may drastically extend the lifespan of your roof through preventative maintenance and timely repairs, the age of your roof will help determine the best direction and help plan for future timely replacement. 

  • How long do you plan on keeping the building? Are you planning to keep your building long enough to take advantage of reroofing? Will repairs and maintenance make more sense? If you intend to resell your building soon, what is the best solution to maximize your selling price?

  • How many reported leaks do you have? Occasional roof leak? You may be fine with repairs only! Have to call your contractor too often? Your roofing system may be close to the end of its life, making reroofing a better budget decision.

  • Are the leaks impacting business operations? Where the roof leaks are in your building will determine your urgency. Is water damage posing safety hazards for your employees, visitors or tenants? Can it damage equipment, inventory or personal property? May it trigger product recalls? The location of the leaks and the impact on your operations will help prioritize your roofing projects.

  • What is the current and desired R-value? R-value (Resistance Value) is a measure of thermal insulation and determines the energy efficiency of your roof system. The desired R-value may vary depending on the function of your building. For example, if you run a shop with bay doors that are typically open, your insulation performance requirements will be drastically different from a highly-insulated cold storage facility. To properly qualify your roofing project, you need to determine your current R-value and what it should be. Read this article to learn more about the impact of proper insulation.

  • What type of roofing material and roof design? The prices will vary depending on the material and any customization you may need to meet the demands of your specific application. 

  • What is your existing roof condition? The more robust your roof, the less work it will require. Decking and insulation may be reused during reroofing in well-maintained roofs, saving you a significant investment. On the contrary, if your roof is in poor condition, contractors may have to bring additional equipment and safety accessories to complete your project according to safety standards.

  • What is your location? Local building codes may impact your project. Also, local labor and material costs may be higher in some areas unless you use a nationwide contractor like CentiMark.

  • Are you FM Global insured? FM Global is an insurance testing agency specializing in commercial and industrial property insurance. It is known for its focus on risk prevention and its commitment to providing its clients with the tools and resources to protect their properties. Regarding your roofing project, FM Global's insurance policies typically have strict safety-focused requirements for fireproofing, wind resistance and other features. Knowing FM Global’s requirements is important to your project and keeping your building properly protected. 

With these points in mind, you should be able to qualify your roofing project properly. You may be unable to answer some of those questions, which is ok! Contact our team of commercial roofing specialists for a comprehensive roof evaluation that will help you determine the exact condition of your roof. We will provide a detailed report with pictures, recommendations and estimates to help you make the best business decision for your commercial property. We will work together to determine your exact roofing needs and execute those projects to the highest quality and safety standards.

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