Rooftop Snow Monitoring and Removal

commercial roof snow monitoring


Are you prepared for the snow this year?


Snow accumulation on your roof can be dangerous and cause extensive damage if not dealt with properly. Be proactive this winter with a rooftop snow monitoring and removal plan.


Our Snow Monitoring Program combines state-of-the-art equipment with our trusted snow removal services to provide you with a stress-free removal experience. Benefit from an unparalleled monitoring program that will determine when and where removal is necessary on your roof, before the weight load becomes a concern.

Your roof is monitored by lightweight, wireless and solar-powered monitors that can be installed by a CentiMark service crew within minutes. As they are monitoring your roof, they are recording data that can be easily exported for analysis and depiction of snow loads over time. Through the analysis of this real-time data, you can customize alert levels and set automatic alarms tailored to your building and the amount of weight that has accumulated.

Once the snow on your roof reaches a certain weight load, you’ll be alerted and so will we. We will then come out to remove the snow on your roof safely and efficiently with our trusted removal services. Save money by removing the snow only when necessary, prevent any damage to your roof and rest easy knowing that the load and depth of your rooftop snow accumulation is being monitored at all times.

For priority scheduling after the winter storms, we recommend signing up for our Snow Removal Plan. To ensure proper safety and removal of the snow from your roof, our crews take the following steps:


  • ✔ Underdeck inspection paying attention for deflection
  • ✔ Place flag markers to identify skylights and other projections before removing snow
  • ✔ Provide clear passage to all drains
  • ✔ Clear all roof units, vents and gutters
  • ✔ Special attention to snowdrift areas (parapet and firewalls, penthouses and elevation changes)


Mitigate risk, safety hazards and know that we have your back before, during and after the snow falls. Visit this page to learn more! 


Stay Informed

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