What does a 3D Virtual Site Assessment mean for the future of your roof inspections?

drone ready for commercial roof inspection


Two words: Soarin’ benefits. Utilizing drones with high definition, infrared, thermal imaging capabilities, CentiMark associates are able to safely obtain an entirely new perspective when inspecting your roof.


Through CentiMark’s 3D Virtual Site Assessment your roof, its components and the complete building envelope are inspected. You will receive:  

  • ✔ High definition imagery
  • ✔ Infrared thermal imaging
  • ✔ Integrated measuring and mapping tools 


This information is available to you in a centralized location for in-depth analysis, comparison, easy decision-making and cost savings.


With this program, you are eliminating the need for personnel on your roof, the need for multiple site visits by various contractors and the need for in-person meetings. The entire inspection and auditing process can be completed virtually and at a distance.


Just a few of the benefits you receive: 

  • ✔ Mitigate risk - Identify issues before they become larger problems. 
  • ✔ Decrease business interruption - Minimize the number of people accessing your roof or getting inside your building.
  • ✔ Increase efficiency - Reduce inspection times without business interruption.
  • ✔ In-depth information - More detailed information for you to learn more about the condition of your property.
  • ✔ Confidence - Make informed decisions on roof repairs and maintenance.  


Schedule a 3D Virtual Site Assessment and experience the benefits for yourself.



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