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CentiMark serves all of North America with outstanding options for commercial roof replacement, roof repairs and other services designed to suit your needs. We serve Columbus, GA from our Atlanta area office and offer an extensive array of commercial roofing options that will protect your property and the contents of your buildings from damage. We work with you to make sure your buildings are safe from wind, rain and other elements that could cause damage to your roof.


Commercial Roofing in Columbus, GA

The right roof will protect the value of your property. At CentiMark, our commercial roofing contractors can design and install a roof that is durable, reliable and perfect for your needs:

  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) roofing materials are single-ply membranes and can conform to a wide range of roofing shapes and requirements.
  • Green roofing installations available from our commercial roofing contractors include garden roofs, light-colored reflective roofs and LEED-certified roofs that will reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your commercial buildings.
  • If you are interested in the most durable roofing materials, EPDM roofs may be the right choice for you. EPDM is the top of the line in terms of durability in the roofing industry and can offer the reliable performance you need to ensure the best possible results.
  • Modified bitumen and built-up roofs are applied in layers to create a dependable watertight seal for your commercial spaces. By opting for mod-bit or BUR for your buildings, you can balance cost with durability to create a functional roof that will look great on your commercial buildings.
  • Metal roofing is a popular choice for Columbus, GA and can provide you with dependable protection against wind and weather in our area.

At CentiMark, we can provide the right roofing options for your business in Columbus and the surrounding areas. We offer the best solutions and services for commercial roofing in Columbus, GA.


CentiMark's Lineup of Commercial Roofing Services

CentiMark also offers an array of commercial roofing services that are ideally suited to your needs. Our lineup of services will help you manage your roof's condition during every season of the year.

  • Roofing repairs by our skilled commercial roofing contractors can increase the lifespan of your roof to a considerable degree.
  • Commercial roof cleaning is a practical way to ensure that any problems with your roof are detected early.
  • Preventative maintenance is a must to keep your roof watertight and performing as expected for as long as possible.
  • Management tools include asset and portfolio management options that provide you with actionable information about the current condition of your roofs.


The CentiMark Difference

CentiMark offers proven solutions by expert commercial roofing contractors to help keep your properties in the best condition possible.

  • We employ skilled and knowledgeable contractors with the right experience in commercial roofing in Columbus, GA.
  • Our Single Source Warranty can be customized, transferred or extended to suit your needs.
  • At CentiMark, safety is a priority. We create comprehensive safety plans for each project we handle for our clients.
  • Because CentiMark has dedicated crews for emergency repairs and warranty repair needs, we can respond quickly and effectively to these situations.
  • Our database of client references can be filtered and sorted by industry, roof size and roof type to help you find comparable projects more easily.

To learn more about CentiMark's options for commercial roofing in Columbus, GA, give our team a call today at 770-688-2450 or visit us online. We look forward to the chance to serve you now and in the future.


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