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The Best Commercial Roofing for Maine Business Properties            

CentiMark delivers top-notch commercial roofing in Maine through our office in the Boston, Massachusetts area. We work with you to find the perfect solutions for replacement and new roof installations for all your commercial buildings. If you need the best commercial roofing contractors for your properties in Maine, CentiMark is your one-stop source for commercial roofing repairs, replacements and new construction in this area.

CentiMark serves all of North America with outstanding options for all types of commercial roofing needs. From emergency repairs to ongoing maintenance, we can provide the services and roofing solutions you need to keep your properties in excellent condition year after year.

Commercial Roofing for Maine Businesses

Finding the right options for commercial roofing in Maine requires the help of experienced and knowledgeable commercial roofing contractors. Our team can provide you with a wide range of roofing types, including the following options:

  • EPDM roofing is durable and dependable for the longest life possible for your new commercial roofing.
  • TPO and PVC roofing is thermally activated to mold to your roof and to provide a moisture-proof seal.
  • Mod-bit and BUR roofing are among the most common forms of roofing installations across North America. CentiMark can provide you with the best solutions for these layered systems to allow you to enjoy reliable service for many years to come.
  • SPF, also referred to as spray polyurethane foam, is a useful option for irregularly shaped roofs.
  • Green roofing encompasses a wide range of options that include innovative garden roofs, reflective cool roofs and roofing solutions that meet or exceed standards for LEED certification.

CentiMark can deliver the right roofing installation options for your commercial buildings in Maine and across all of North America.


CentiMark's Lineup of Commercial Roofing Services

CentiMark offers commercial roofing services that include commercial roof repair, roof cleaning, snow removal and preventative maintenance that will provide the help you need to keep your roof performing properly for many years into the future.


The CentiMark Difference

CentiMark is a trusted commercial roofing company in Maine and throughout North America. We put safety first with customized safety plans that we share with our customers and that protect your property from damage and our crew from injury. Our commercial roofing team members have the experience and the knowledge needed to provide outstanding services for you. CentiMark maintains on-call staff members to respond to emergency roof repair requirements and to perform warranty work as required.

Our list of references can be sorted and filtered to find projects by industry served, by size of project or by the type of roof installed. This can help you to determine the best approach to your own roofing needs. CentiMark also offers an industry-leading warranty that can offer peace of mind for you in managing your roof in the future.

To learn more about CentiMark's full lineup of commercial roofing options for Maine businesses, call us today at 978-313-5575. You can also reach us toll-free at 1-877-924-4709 to report damage and to request emergency services from us. You can also obtain additional information about our services and roofing options by visiting our website. If you need commercial roofing in Maine, we are ready to deliver the best solutions for all of your current and future roofing requirements.

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