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At CentiMark, we specialize in the commercial roofing Rochester, MN companies need to protect their investments. Our team of commercial roofers will provide you with the right solutions for your roofing needs through our office in Minneapolis, which serves the Rochester area. If you need commercial roofing solutions in Rochester or any of the surrounding communities, CentiMark is here to help with proven solutions that work for your needs.


Commercial Roofs in Rochester, Minnesota

CentiMark offers commercial roofing solutions that Rochester companies need and at affordable pricing. Some of the roofing options we offer include the following types of roofs for commercial buildings:

  • Thermoplastic roofs include TPO and PVC commercial roofs that use heat to cure the roofing materials. These roofs are single-ply and can be attached in a number of ways to suit the needs of your building.
  • Lightweight and durable, metal roofs are an affordable choice for many commercial buildings in Rochester. These roofing systems can provide the longevity your company needs to protect its real estate investment over the long term.
  • SPF systems consist of spray polyurethane foam that can be applied to roofs with tight spaces that make it difficult to install other types of roofing materials.
  • Applied in layers, both modified bitumen and built-up roofing applications offer superior protection against moisture while making it easier to install and maintain your roof systems.
  • Steep slope roofs offer some real advantages for Rochester building owners. CentiMark's commercial roofers can install these systems to provide added protection for your interior spaces.
  • CentiMark can also apply coatings to your roof. We install acrylic, silicone, aluminum and copolymer coatings that can extend the life of your roof and can reduce the risk of leaks.

CentiMark also designs and installs green roofing options that offer benefits for you in reduced overhead costs and improved energy efficiency.


The Services Offered by CentiMark

At CentiMark, we also offer an array of repair and inspection services that are designed to keep your roof functional and extend its life. Our commercial roof repair team provides emergency services for damage to your roof. We also offer preventive maintenance services designed to suit your needs and your budget. We also provide snow removal and roof cleaning services that will keep your roof looking great and performing as expected for many years into the future. CentiMark offers the services you need on a schedule that works for you and your business.


Understanding the CentiMark Difference

CentiMark is a respected and established roofing company serving commercial enterprises throughout North America. We offer some important value propositions for our customers, including the following:

  • CentiMark offers emergency roof repairs to help you mitigate damage to your property.
  • Our focus on safety ensures that your project goes smoothly and according to plan.
  • CentiMark offers industry-leading roof warranties that can be customized, transferred and extended to suit your needs.
  • Our roofing references are organized according to industry, type and size of roof to save you time and effort in checking on these previous projects.
  • We offer online tools that help you manage preventive maintenance more effectively.

Our team is committed to the highest standards of quality work in the roofing industry. To learn more about CentiMark and our services, give us a call at 952-656-9990 or visit our website today. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


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