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Commercial Roof Management Programs

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Do you know the state of your roof? Unfortunately, commercial roofs tend to be overlooked until someone notices an active leak. However, being aware of the condition of your roof is critical to keeping leaks at bay, staying compliant with safety and environmental regulations and protecting your products, equipment and overall operations. 

How can you stay on top of your roof's condition? With multiple commercial roof management programs and tools available to you from CentiMark. 

Roof Asset Management Program - a comprehensive and detailed roof evaluation report that analyzes each roof section. This program provides you with ample data as well as a Roof Life Index score (RLI) from 1 to 100 to help identify each roof section's remaining useful life. Based on the overall condition of your roof, our roofing experts will provide you with service, repairs or reroofing recommendations.

Asset Alert Program - provides a general understanding of the current condition of your roof. This program identifies areas of high-risk potential, giving objective criteria to maximize budgets. You will also receive repair, maintenance or reroofing recommendations from our experts.

How do these programs compare to a typical Roof Proposal?


Evaluation Attributes Typical Roof Proposal CentiMark Asset Alert CentiMark Asset Management
 Roof Section Condition Assessment    
 Roof Investment Recommendations      
 Unplanned CapEX Mitigation      
 Targeted Repair Recommendations      
 Reduced Cost of Ownership      
 Portfolio Condition Assessment      
 Remaining Life Projection      
 Portfolio Budgeting Analysis      
 Repair vs Replace Recommendations      
















Managing roofs on multiple facilities may get complicated. You can't be in all places at the same time. But we can! Check out our Portfolio Management Program, specifically designed for customers who manage multiple roofs. This program is designed to help you seamlessly manage all your roofing needs and projects in an easy, centralized way. We will inspect and evaluate each roof, develop an action plan based on our findings and work with you to implement any repairs or reroofing projects to keep all your roofs in excellent condition.

Can you visualize the repairs or replacements proposed by CentiMark Corporation? Yes, absolutely. Our commercial roof configurator, CentiVision, is designed to help educate facility managers on the components of their existing roof and the different solutions that are available. 

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