Maintenance Calendar: A Year in the Life of Your Roof, Floor and Exterior Surfaces

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Regular cleaning, maintenance and repairs are crucial to keeping your facility's roof, floor and exterior surfaces in excellent shape and extending the life of your assets. We want to help you plan for the whole year and minimize surprises in your facility maintenance budget.


Check out our quick guide below to help schedule maintenance and service throughout the year on your roof, floor and exterior surfaces. Your exact plan will depend on your building's functions and local climate. Remember, it is recommended to evaluate the condition of your roof at least every six months (season change) and after a major weather event, including storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds and hail. The cleaning and maintenance plan for your floor and exterior surfaces will depend on the amount of foot or vehicle traffic and business operations.


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Snow removal and monitoring - If your area is affected by cold weather and snow, it is imperative to keep your roof clean. Dense snow and ice impact your roof in multiple ways: added weight, surface deterioration from freeze and thaw cycles, obstruction to the drainage system and roof projections, safety concerns and potential property damage. Signing up for a snow monitoring and removal plan is recommended to ensure the service is completed correctly and in accordance with OSHA standards as well as the industry's best practices.



Inspection and cleaning plan - Whether your building had an increase in pedestrian and vehicle traffic in December (for example, retail) or things were less hectic (plant shutdown and inventory), checking on your floor's condition is a great way to kick off the new year. Schedule a floor safety inspection to address any new damage. Take another look at your cleaning and maintenance schedule to ensure it meets the business demands. 









Preventative maintenance is the key to extending the life of your roof and keeping your facility watertight. Discuss your options with your CentiMark representative and get on the schedule early!

Experiencing winter storms? Remember to schedule a comprehensive roof evaluation after major weather events.



How are your parking lots and sidewalks doing? Freeze and thaw cycles may damage your pavement over time, making it brittle and posing safety or accessibility hazards. Repair damage exterior surfaces by having them resurfaced or patched, contact us to schedule a consultation.




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Stay ahead of a busy roofing season and schedule all of your roofing projects early!

Increased foot traffic? Look into roof safety solutions to ensure your contractors and associates are safe when accessing the roof. 



Is it time to restock your commercial floor cleaning supplies? Order more in our online shop.



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Schedule a roof evaluation - Once the cold weather is behind us, it is imperative to check the condition of your roof. Snow and ice coverage, freeze and thaw cycles, winter rains and debris are all factors at play during winter. Schedule your comprehensive roof evaluation to ensure your asset did not sustain any damage and is fully ready for the next season. Make sure your drainage systems are clear of debris and there's no ponding water on your roof. Schedule any needed repairs as soon as possible to prepare your facility for summer storms.



Help your maintenance staff maximize their efforts - Schedule an in-house flooring class with your QuestMark representative to train and instruct them on all of the products and processes needed to keep your commercial floor in optimal condition.


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Prepare for the hurricane season and summer storms - If your facility is in an area that may be affected by hurricanes, it is crucial to brace yourself ahead of theseason. Check out this article to learn more about proper steps before and after a significant weather event. Save these numbers for post-storm 24/7 roof emergencies: Call 855-483-1975 in the US and 800-690-6254 in Canada and a local CentiMark roofing crew will be dispatched as soon as it is safe to travel to your area.



Schedule a floor evaluation for your facility to determine if any repairs are required. That way, you can take full advantage of lower traffic during the upcoming 4th of July holiday and improve the condition of your floors with minimal interruption to your business operations


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Evaluate your roof’s safety and install appropriate accessories: roof hatches, safety rails, walk pads, skylight screens, etc. Contact us for more information. 



Reduce risk with safe flooring. Need help? Visit this page to learn more about floor safety solutions to minimize the potential for accidents in your facility.


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Are you in the path of a hurricane, monsoon or severe storm? Call 855-483-1975 in the US and 800-690-6254 in Canada and we will take it from there.



Complete all repairs to your floors and grounds while pedestrian traffic is lower due to holidays. Check out this article to help you improve the accessibility of your facility.


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Start planning your next year's roofing and flooring budget. Check out this article to help you.

Need help cleaning up after a storm or hurricane? We are here for you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Get prepared for winter - Does your area get snow? Start looking into snow guards, heat cables, snow monitoring and snow removal services. 



Schedule your floor inspection before increased holiday traffic - If your facility experiences extra traffic during November and December, it is imperative to prepare. Schedule a comprehensive evaluation to determine whether you need to repair or resurface your floors or exterior surfaces to meet the growing demand. Explore pavement coating options to equip your parking lots and grounds for the upcoming season.


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Schedule a roof evaluation - Get your roof ready for winter and ensure summer storms did not leave any damage behind. Clean your drains and gutters as needed to prevent any clogs in the system.



Schedule your comprehensive floor inspection before plant shutdowns - If your facility shuts down for maintenance in December, it is also a great time to address any floor damage. To stay ahead of the game, schedule your floor evaluation in advance to determine what you need to do to take advantage of the shutdown.


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Do you have your snow removal plan finalized? Check out this page to help you get ready for winter weather.



Prepare your floors for winter-specific challenges like Sodium Chloride (NaCl) tracked inside, mud, snow and freeze-thaw cycles of your pavement. Read this article to help you plan. 


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Having a roof emergency? Call 855-483-1975 in the US and 800-690-6254 in Canada.



Running low on commercial floor cleaning supplies? Order more in our online shop.

Let's keep your buildings safe and watertight! Our experienced commercial roofing and flooring specialists are just a call away if you want help developing a custom maintenance plan for your roof, floor and exterior surfaces. Contact us today with any questions!



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