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Keeping high-traffic areas clean and safe can be challenging whether you are in charge of a retail store, manufacturing plant or office building. Did you know we have dedicated teams who focus on servicing your floor and exterior surfaces? See how our experienced crews can take the maintenance of your commercial floor and exterior surfaces off your to-do list:


Here is what our local service teams do for you:

  • ✔ Commercial floor evaluations: To determine your exact flooring needs, let's start with a comprehensive evaluation that will outline the current state of your floor. Is there any damage? Cracks? Stains? Spalling? Is your facility's floor safe and adequate for your level of pedestrian or equipment traffic? All these questions and more will be answered once the evaluation is performed. You will receive a detailed report with photos outlining the condition of all areas, budget and time estimates to help you plan your flooring projects.
  • ✔ Interior and exterior resurfacing: One of the most effective ways to quickly restore your worn or damaged floor is resurfacing. For your interior floor, this method creates a seamless, easy-to-maintain, smooth surface for large and small areas. Resurfacing solutions can be custom-tailored to your application and needs. For example, adding a urethane sealer, epoxy or a top coat can increase chemical resistance providing long-term benefits in buildings with frequent sanitation procedures. Sealing your exterior surfaces with waterproof coatings will help prevent damage from weather and freeze-thaw cycles. Our teams will analyze your facility's functions and provide you with the optimal solutions for your flooring or exterior surface needs.
  • ✔ Concrete floor rejuvenation: Polishing your concrete or terrazzo floor creates a like-new, smooth surface with high reflectivity and resistance to various contaminants. Besides aesthetics and easier cleaning, polishing your commercial floor also has safety advantages by creating a flatter, more leveled surface.
  • ✔ Floor repairs: Imperfections or damage to floor surfaces such as cracks, damaged joints or spalling, can create safety concerns for your facility. Various contaminants, including mold, bacteria or fungi, may thrive in those areas. Additionally, floor damage may result in accidents and add extra wear to your material handling equipment. Call us if you notice issues on your facility's floor and our crews will take it from there. We will repair and patch cracks, joints, holes and other damage on interior surfaces for you with minimal interruption to your business operations.
  • ✔ Maintenance: The secret to extending the life of your commercial floor is routine maintenance. There are various types of flooring and it is crucial to understand the specifics of cleaning and maintaining the type(s) you have in your building. Using incorrect cleaning methods may stain, scratch or damage your floor. We provide professional maintenance solutions and services for concrete, urethane, resinous, VCT and terrazzo flooring systems.
  • ✔ Clean Sanitize Disinfect (CSD) services: Emergencies happen. If your facility experienced a significant spill, flooding, pandemic or needs a post-renovation clean-up, our highly trained teams will safely remove contaminants from your interior surfaces including bathrooms, racking and sealed products.
  • ✔ In-house training: Provide your staff with the tools and training they need to excel at maintaining your floor. Our experienced trainers will perform on-site classes and demos to help your team master commercial floor cleaning solutions, equipment and DIY repair products.
  • ✔ Safety: Safe practices and signage are essential for uninterrupted, injury-free business operations. Repairing damaged floor areas and increasing traction through rejuvenation or coatings will help minimize slip and fall accidents. Adding safety lines and demarcation is crucial in communicating safe traffic routes throughout your building, particularly in manufacturing or high-traffic areas. Our experienced commercial flooring professionals will help you design and implement proper floor safety signage for your facility to help you optimize your operations and minimize the risks of injuries.


Keeping your facility's floor in its best shape is easier with a commercial flooring partner you can rely on. Contact us today and let's discuss various options to keep your floor safe, clean and high performing. Read this brochure for more information on how we can help your facility.


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