A Quick Guide to Selecting Your Commercial Flooring Contractor

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When it comes to your commercial flooring project, selecting the right contractor is an important decision that can have a big impact on both the look and safety of your building. It is also important to consider the contractor's approach to project management, as this can either make the process smooth sailing or a bit of a headache. To ensure that you make an informed decision and that your commercial flooring requirements meet the highest standard, here are a few key factors to help you through the selection process.

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Winter Floor Care: Ensuring Safety and Accessibility

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As colder temperatures set in, winter presents unique challenges for commercial property owners. Snow, sludge, mud and ice-preventing chemicals can harm your property's floors, with these elements often being tracked indoors by people and equipment. Excessive precipitation and freeze-thaw cycles can lead to the deterioration of parking lots and sidewalks, which can pose safety and accessibility issues. Let's explore winter-specific challenges and practical solutions, including repairs, slip and fall safety and waterproofing.

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Preventive Measures: Identifying and Addressing Early Signs of Floor Damage

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Paying attention to the state of your commercial floor is vital for your building. A damaged floor may affect your business operations in several ways, here are some benefits to keeping your floor in the best shape:


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Commercial Flooring: What is the Best Solution For My Facility?

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What are the key flooring requirements for your building? Is it aesthetics, durability or the ability to withstand harsh chemicals and frequent cleaning? Let's explore different commercial flooring solutions and determine if your existing floor can be improved to better meet your facility's specific needs.

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Your VCT or Terrazzo Floors Lost Their Shine? There's an Easy Way to Restore It.

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Due to their attractive appearance, resilience and reasonable ownership cost, vinyl composite tile (VCT) and terrazzo flooring are sought-after options for commercial facilities. These flooring systems are particularly suitable for heavily trafficked areas, including airports, hospitals and retail stores, as they balance aesthetics, safety and longevity. However, because of their porous texture, these types of floors necessitate regular upkeep to protect the surface, preserve the shine and maintain the warranty. Are your floors losing their luster? Check out our new commercial flooring service - VCT and Terrazzo Strip & Wax.

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Bidding a new project? Flooring Solutions for Architects and General Contractors.

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Managing a commercial construction project and multiple vendors can get very hectic. When it comes to installing floors, you want to have confidence in your contractor, knowing that they have you covered. Here’s how QuestMark’s commercial flooring specialists can help you with your next job.

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Take Floor Maintenance and Repairs Off Your Plate

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Keeping high-traffic areas clean and safe can be challenging whether you are in charge of a retail store, manufacturing plant or office building. Did you know we have dedicated teams who focus on servicing your floor and exterior surfaces? See how our experienced crews can take the maintenance of your commercial floor and exterior surfaces off your to-do list:

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