Winter Roof Maintenance Tips for Commercial Properties

snow on a flat roof


As winter approaches, commercial property owners face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining their roofs. Harsh weather conditions, snow accumulation, ice dams and the impact of leaf buildup can all take a toll on your roof's performance. In this article, we will explore essential winter roof maintenance tips to help ensure your commercial roof stands up to the season's demands.


 Snow Removal:

Snow accumulation on commercial roofs can lead to excess weight, potentially causing structural damage. Snow removal can be crucial to prevent overloading. If your area is in the path of winter storms, schedule CentiMark's snow removal services in advance to safely and efficiently clear your roof after the event. For regions with consistent snowfall, consider snow monitoring systems that will trigger once the snow on your roof is above a set limit. Learn more about snow monitoring and removal here.

 Regular Roof Inspection:

Scheduling regular roof inspections before and during the winter season is vital. A CentiMark inspection can identify potential issues such as flashing problems or other areas prone to leaks. Addressing these concerns early can prevent costly repairs in the long run. Moreover, winter-related issues such as thermal shock and freeze-thaw cycles can cause increased stress on your roof. Have you experienced a high-wind event? It's definitely time to check on your flat roof's condition!

 Preventing Ice Dams:

Ice dams form when melted snow refreezes along the roof's edges, forming barriers that trap water. In multi-function buildings, this can also occur due to varying roof temperatures in different sections. For instance, when a heat-producing manufacturing area and a mild-temperature office share the same building. When your roof drainage system is blocked or in need of repairs, the rainwater or snow melt can't flow off your roof properly and the problem will get worse. Consider preventive maintenance plans and regular roof cleaning to address this concern proactively.

✔ Impact of Leaves:

The buildup of leaves on your roof has the potential to obstruct drains and gutters leading to water backup and possible leaks. Whether you get snow in your area or not, keeping your roof clean from leaves and debris is an essential step to maximizing its performance. 

 Roof Type Considerations:

Different types of commercial roofs may have unique winter maintenance requirements. Flat roofs, for instance, can accumulate more snow and may need additional reinforcement or monitoring. Steep-sloped roofs might shed snow more easily but can still be affected by ice dams. BUR roofs may retain more debris because of the extra traction and the gravel may get brittle with freeze-thaw cycles. Discuss your specific roof type with your CentiMark representative to develop a custom strategy for your roof that also covers your industry-specific challenges and your local weather conditions throughout the year.

 Increasing Roof Thermal Efficiency:

Improving your roof's thermal efficiency can help regulate temperatures and reduce heating costs during the winter. The state of your roof and insulation play a vital role in optimizing your indoor climate for maximum energy efficiency. Conducting a thorough roof assessment and utilizing thermal imaging can reveal areas of your roof where heat is escaping from your building. By addressing and rectifying these vulnerabilities, you will gain greater control over your heating expenses.

In conclusion, winter roof maintenance for commercial properties is crucial to ensure your roof can withstand the challenges posed by harsh weather conditions and seasonal fluctuations. By following the tips outlined above, you can protect your investment and maintain a functional and reliable roof throughout the winter months. For a comprehensive approach that covers the entire year, explore this article that details a full year in the life of your commercial roof.

Looking to ensure your facility's roof remains in top condition during the winter? Reach out to your CentiMark representative today to explore services like snow removal and monitoring, comprehensive roof evaluations, thermal inspections, maintenance plans and more!


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