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Commercial Roofing Company Serving Grand Rapids

CentiMark is a leading commercial roofing company with nearly 100 offices located across North America. If you need commercial roofing in Grand Rapids MI, CentiMark maintains a local office in Kalamazoo to provide you with the ideal solutions for your roof and your budget. 

CentiMark specializes in providing the commercial roof repair and replacement services needed to help companies protect their inventory and the value of their properties. Our team is ready to help you manage your commercial roofing project in the most practical way possible. Here are some reasons to choose CentiMark for your commercial roofing needs.


An Array of Commercial Roof Choices

CentiMark offers an extensive lineup of roof systems suited for commercial buildings. Some of our most popular commercial roofing options include the following:

  • Metal roofs are durable and may offer significant energy savings for your Grand Rapids area business.
  • Modified Bitumen (Mod-Bit) and Built-up Roof Membranes (BUR) are tried-and-true solutions for commercial roofing in Grand Rapids, MI. These roofing systems consist of layers of felt, bitumen and other materials to create a watertight and durable solution for commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) roofs are durable and reliable. EPDM roofing membranes have the longest average service life in the commercial roofing industry.
  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) roofs are constructed of synthetic substances that react with heat to create a reliable barrier against water, wind and weather.
  • Steep Slope roofing solutions are available from CentiMark that will provide real protection against the elements.
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roof systems are used to create wind-resistant roofs for commercial buildings.
  • Roof coatings are a good solution to add life and functionality to commercial roofing installations. Silicone, acrylic and aluminum coatings are among the most popular coating options available for application by the CentiMark team.
  • Green roofing options offered by CentiMark include daylighting, Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, cool roofs, LEED-certified roof construction and garden roofing solutions.


The Commercial Roofing Services We Offer

At CentiMark, our commercial roofing contractors can perform commercial roof repair, replacement and emergency services to resolve issues quickly and effectively. We offer the most practical commercial roofing services in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Some of our most popular options include the following:

  • Preventative maintenance for your commercial roof
  • Reroofing and replacement roofing services
  • Commercial roofing repair solutions
  • Roof cleaning
  • Snow removal services
  • Asset management programs that keep you informed of the current condition of your roof and allow you to plan for repairs and replacements


The CentiMark Difference:

CentiMark is a trusted provider of commercial roofing solutions across North America. Our commercial roofing contractors are skilled and knowledgeable about the latest developments and trends in the roofing industry, which allows us to provide the most advanced and practical options for your company.

  1. The CentiMark Roof Warranty is the best in the industry and is transferable, extendable and customizable to suit the needs of your Grand Rapids area business.
  2. CentiMark is committed to the highest standards of safety on every job we perform. This allows you to enjoy greater confidence in the way your project is handled.
  3. We maintain dedicated crews to handle warranty, maintenance and emergency roofing visits. This ensures that your roof receives the attention it needs to perform as expected.
  4. The CentiMark team can recommend the perfect roofing solution for your building to ensure the highest degree of energy efficiency and overall durability.
  5. CentiMark has built its reputation on quality work and reliable service for our customers in Grand Rapids and across all of North America.

To request more information or to touch base with the CentiMark team, call us today at 269-216-5400 or contact us online. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your business!


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