2013 August eNews

Finacial, Environmental and Social Benefits


There are many benefits to be gained from proper daylighting. By installing prismatic skylights over as little as 4% of the total roof surface an organization can reduce up to 100% of its electrical lighting requirements for large portions of the workday. This can greatly reduce energy costs and can result in a return on investment in as little as two years. Sensor technology incorporated with prismatic skylights can both further conserve energy by actively sensing when artificial lighting is not needed and can allow you to customize the light levels in your building. Natural daylighting, unlike artificial lighting, generates almost no heat which can also cut down on a facility's use of air conditioning. This strategy also increases the life of the lighting system and reduces the waste associated with lamp replacement by limiting the amount of time that light fixtures are left on!

Use Diamonds to Make Your Floors Sparkle!


Polished Concrete - QuestMark's proprietary DiamondQuest process - takes porous concrete (a sustainable material) and transforms it into a highly reflective and dust-free surface. Polished concrete reduces maintenance costs, minimizes cleaning and increases the durability of the floor. Why is it easier to clean? Polished concrete reduces the surface area pores that trap dirt. With a flat, smooth surface, the dirt stays on top of the floor and, thus, requires less cleaning (and less cleaning products).

QuestMark offers a gloss and dustproof Aesthetic Warranty on workmanship and materials - unique in the flooring industry. We're guaranteeing your shiny floor as long as you properly clean and maintain the surface. Speaking of aesthetics, there are over 20 colors to finish the polished concrete to your style, decor and preference.

The shiny and dustproof DiamondQuest Floor also increases safety by decreasing slips and falls. The National Floor Safety Institute certifies the floor system as a slip resistant flooring process.


DiamondQuest Floor Systems may also contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) credits:

1. No VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials
2. Sheen increases ambient light
3. Lifespan of concrete floor is increased. (No multi-year repair and replacement costs)
Polished concrete floor systems have a consistent shine, low maintenance requirements, a warranty for gloss and shine, an increased lifespan and a green flooring footprint.

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