2013 September eNews

Can the Sun Damange my Roof?


By Brad Ferguson, Vice President of Sales, Mid Central Region

The sun can help provide light for interior spaces through prismatic skylights, create a more natural work environment and save significantly on energy costs. The sun can also serve to reduce costs and may provide an actual income stream through photovoltaic solar systems on a roof.

OK, those are some benefits of the sun. What about the harmful effects of the sun on my roof?

The sun is one of nature’s harshest elements. The sun’s intensity and related heat can cause roof membranes and flashings to fail prematurely. Even roof systems utilizing white reflective membranes have experienced problems due to exposure to the sun and heat loads. Asphalt based roofs, when exposed to the sun and any standing water, will result in the light oils leaching from the waterproofing bitumen and cause premature failure. 

These are reasons why routine inspections and Preventative Maintenance help manage the asset of your roof and aid in preventing premature roof failure. A CentiMark professional will perform a thorough roof inspection to identify existing roof conditions and damage caused by the sun and other elements of nature. We examine and grade 14 key elements of each roof quadrant. This process results in a Roof Life Index (RLI) score that is used to determine the useful life expectancy of your roof. Additionally, a repair or Preventative Maintenance program is developed. This allows building owners to clearly see the correlation between corrective maintenance and increased life expectancy for the roofing asset. Building owners can then make objective decisions specific to operating expenses related to their roof. All this information is stored in a group of proprietary online portfolio management programs called MyCentiMark - online roof management.

Get Your Floors Ready...How about a New Look?


Experts also say that retailers can lower their risk of slip-and-fall incidents by selecting high-traction flooring when building new stores and remodeling existing facilities.

According to Russell Kendzior, founder of the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), the most tractable flooring choice is polished concrete. "Polished concrete offers one of the highest levels of traction and is very consistent".

Shiny, glossy polished floors not only help retail businesses but all businesses in terms of safety, aesthetics and maintenance.

The Answer is Under Your Feet

For a retail store, upgrading to a polished concrete floor can make a huge difference for holiday shoppers. A glossy floor that reflects light with a clean, aesthetic appearance is a notable positive for both customers and employees as it improves lighting and displayability. Polished concrete floors also offer lower maintenance costs than tile, ceramic and terrazzo floors.

The program is simple: QuestMark installs a DiamondQuest concrete polished floor for qualified customers now. The benefit to property owners is to enjoy a shiny new floor in their retail space over the holiday shopping season! Here's the best part: a small down payment is required but the major cost of the project will be deferred until February 2014!

For industrial, commercial and manufacturing facilities: safe, easy-to-maintain, clean floors should be a priority. For your facilities with a winter shutdown time, it's the perfect opportunity to re-do or enhance your floor systems.

Whether you are a retail, commercial or industrial facility, "Get Ready for the Retail Season" and make your floor system shiny, safe, clean and great looking!

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