2014 July eNews

White is the New Black! (Sometimes)


Industry trends

The trend in the roofing industry is that black roofs tend to be more popular in the Northern part of the country and white roofs tend to be more popular in the Southern and Western parts of the country. Cold weather climates vs hot weather climates. Interestingly, white roofs are the fastest growing roof system throughout the entire country.

Let's review the basics

Black roof systems absorb more radiant heat than white roof surfaces. White roof systems reflect the sun’s rays better than black roof surfaces. In the winter, condensation evaporates quicker and frozen precipitation such as snow and ice melt more rapidly on a black roof as compared to a white roof.

White roofs are typically 40-50 degrees F cooler on the surface than a black roof on a hot, sunny day. The reflectivity reduces cooling loads in most buildings and decreases the “urban heat island effect” in dense urban areas.

Black and white roofs have the same maintenance and cleaning needs. Each roof system benefits from a bi-annual Preventative Maintenance program to maximize the efficiency of the respective roof system.

Black roofs do not stay black and white roofs do not stay white. Both black and white roof systems need proper cleaning so they can reflect and/or absorb sunlight and keep moisture out of the building.

Insulation is important

The amount of roof insulation that is appropriate for each building depends upon many factors that include: building use, air conditioning efficiency, interior humidity levels, geographical location, deck type, ceiling type, building codes and additional factors.

What’s the bottom line for a building owner in choosing a black vs white roof system?

Budget, climate, building type, return on investment criteria, company sustainability goals and other factors may all be considerations.  If you are interested in understanding the effects of roof system color and insulation for a roofing project you are considering, click below and CentiMark can help guide you with decision making tools showing energy cost differences between your various options.


With your roof so clean and bright - You're going to need a pair of shades!

RoofPowerWashingWhen you commit to CentiMark’s Sustainable Roof Cleaning Service for a minimum of 30,000 sq. ft. between 7/1/14 and 8/31/14, you will receive one pair of Oakley® Industrial M Frame Sun Shaded Safety glasses (Limit one pair per 30,000 sq. ft.).

CentiMark's Sustainable Roof Cleaning Service 

In addition to cleaning your white roof, our CentiMark crews can perform routine Preventative Maintenance and repairs to help extend the life of your roof. As a suggestion, cleaning is recommended annually.

Importance of a clean roof

Your roof and roof accessories will get dirty from environmental exposure. In order to restore your commercial roofing system to its optimal performance, it's necessary to have a maintenance strategy in place that includes professional cleaning. CentiMark offers a sustainable cleaning solution that restores, protects and maintains your roofing system. This cleaning technology is environmentally friendly and EPA approved.

View our "Clean your White, Single-Ply Roof" Video

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