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Customer Service Excels at CentiMark

CustomerServiceTake advantage of our powerful Customer Service programs, such as MyCentiMark and MyQuestMark. MyCentiMark provides a complete inventory of your facilities, with a thorough itemization of past, present and future roofing projects. It includes budget management tools, roof condition reports, open project proposals, lists of current and completed projects and a history of repair work including before-and-after pictures. MyQuestMark provides customers with the ability to manage all of their flooring assets. The site contains reports that feature condition and budget reports, photographs, recommendations for future work, current floor projects, service work, warranty information and historical data on your floors.

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Chairman & CEO Ed Dunlap knew 40+ years ago that it was important to have direct communication with CentiMark's customers. He knew when it came to service, a customer needs to receive answers to requests in a timely manner. This was accomplished by integrating a Toll Free 800 number which connects the customer to knowledgeable and trained CentiMark staff members. Customer Service is able to provide quick, easy and timely results for your service and warranty needs.

Our Customer Service Team consists of 12 dedicated Customer Service Representatives and 225 Service Crews to handle your roofing and flooring needs. The newest member of the Service Team is Customer Service Manager Alanna Sahene who has over 20 years of customer satisfaction experience. Read more about how Alanna manages the Customer Service Department for your roofing and flooring needs. (Read Q&A With Alanna Sahene)


Safety Is Priceless

SafetyYou as a building owner and CentiMark as a contractor share the responsibility and risk associated with people and work on your roof or floor. Unsafe roof or floor practices can lead to injuries or deaths. Safety on the roof protects your employees, vendors, contractors and visitors.


CentiMark Safety Statistics

CentiMark's 2013 Incidence Rate 2.11 (Industry Average 5.6)
QuestMark's 2013 Incidence Rate 1.98 (Industry Average 3.0)
CentiMark's 2013 EMR .43 (Industry Average 1.0)
QuestMark's 2013 EMR 1.98 (Industry Average 3.0)


How CentiMark Is Committed To Safety

CentiMark employs 34 full-time dedicated safety professionals and 17 branch safety inspectors that have performed over 19,000 safety inspections in 2013. Site-specific fall protection safety plans are prepared to identify potential hazardous conditions and the safety solution for each roof project. CentiMark exceeds OSHA standards in numerous programs and requirements including our fall protection and GFCI & Assured Grounding Programs. Our OSHA 500 certified employee trainers conduct regular quarterly safety meetings. All roof mechanics at CentiMark are trained to receive OSHA 10-hour Certification. Training includes fall protection, personal protective equipment training, hazard communications, ladder safety, blood-borne pathogens, electrical safety and fire protection safety, First Aid/CPR and defensive driving courses.


Safety in Canada with CentiMark Ltd.

CentiMark Ltd.'s Mississauga, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia offices have achieved COR (Certificate of Recognition). The objectives of COR are to provide employers with an effective safety and health management system to reduce accidents and financial costs.

CentiMark Ltd.'s safety specialists work with Canadian crews to enforce and exceed the company's safety regulations and those outlined by the Provincial Bodies and Federal Authorities. Our safety professionals conduct pre-job and routine safety inspections and compile safe work plans for roofing projects.

- Jim Penney is GSC certified - Gold Seal Certified Coordinator
- Robert Farrell is CSO certified - Certified Safety Officer


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An Interview with Alanna Sahene, CentiMark's Customer Service Manager

Alanna2Q. Although you are new to CentiMark, you have over 20 years in customer service.
A. Yes, I have over 20 years experience with customer service and customer retention. I thrive on problem solving and instill that in my team and with my co-workers. Displaying a positive "can do" attitude can be contagious with the right team. Then, providing superb customer service becomes second nature. The customers benefit from it and rely on it. I am so excited to be a part of CentiMark's Corporate Customer Service Department.

Q. At the Corporate offices, your team handles all roof leak and roof repair requests.
A. Many of our customers call our 800 number. Additionally, service requests can be received electronically.Through our proprietary online program, MyCentiMark, our customers have immediate access to work orders, before/after photos, invoices, GPS coordinates of roof leak repairs, budgetary information and suggestions for future repairs and safety enhancements. We also have a CentiMark App - for a quick call or e-mail for service or to locate an office near you. You can watch videos about roofing and flooring installations, repairs or safety to help educate you on the details of roofing or flooring. The CentiMark App can be downloaded for Free at the Google or Apple stores.

Q. What's unique about CentiMark's service crews?
A. At CentiMark, we have crews for roof production (installation of roof systems) and crews for service (repairs and roof leaks). Our two-person service crews are trained specifically for service - finding roof leaks, repairing leaks, identifying potential roof problems or safety hazards. They are trained in safety and are uniformed and drug-tested. They working closely with the Customer Service staff on the progress of the service calls and the resolutions of the problems.

Q. What are you most proud of at CentiMark?
A. I am proud of CentiMark's focus and dedication to customers. We are "old school" at CentiMark - we like to talk to our customers on the phone, chat or e-mail with them. We know our customers. We appreciate their business. We value customer feedback on our process. Most important, we enjoy going the extra mile for our customers because they deserve it and they appreciate it.


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