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We are excited to launch our Tablet and Smartphone App. The new CentiMark App provides unique customer interactive capabilities.

Our CentiMark App allows you to keep up-to-date with all our products and services. You can request service within the App and we'll contact you to let you know how we can help. You can also find the nearest CentiMark Office to your current location, call us with the touch of a button, email us or even watch our videos. Remember to allow our push messages to receive all the latest news and updates.

CentiMark Mobile App Features:

- Call, email, or get directions within the App
- Find the nearest location
- Watch our videos
- Receive our latest info through through notifications
- Submit service requests 

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TPO Roof System Trends From 2013

TPO2In 2013, there was a noticeable increase of TPO installations in the low slope commercial roofing industry. Clearly this type of membrane has gained a rapid and dominant position in the marketplace. With the expansive acceptance of the membrane, many inexperienced roofing contractors are installing this roof system.

Like all roofing projects, the appropriate material selection is only part of the process. The contractor selection and application expertise is a far more important factor to consider. There have been many cases when TPO has been properly specified but poorly installed. Cold-welds due to improper heat or speed settings of the robotic welder along with inexperienced labor utilizing hand-welding has resulted in many poor installations and unhappy building owners.

To avoid these problems yet take full advantage of the many attributes of TPO, it is most important to understand who will be installing your roof. Some questions to ask the contractors you are considering.


1. How many square feet TPO did you install last year?
2. Ask for a list of references that are over 10 years old.
3. Ask for like industry references.
4. Can the contractor help identify potential local, state and government incentives that are associated with green roofs?
5. Can energy studies be done so that you can obtain information regarding your future savings potential?


QuestMark Offers the Only Aesthetic Warranty for Commercial Flooring

DQWarrantyMany companies rely on a heavy duty, reliable, scratch resistant, dust proof and high gloss floor surface that is appealing to the eye. This can be accomplished with QuestMark's trademarked DiamondQuest concrete polish process that is backed by our exclusive aesthetic warranty. We are the only company to provide an aesthetic warranty. This is a Single Source gloss and dust proof warranty that includes all material, labor and tooling required to maintain your gloss. 


- 20 year Dust Proof and Gloss Warranty
- Peace of mind for long-term floor consistency
- On-site training of customer's cleaning personnel
- Maintenance guidelines for daily floor cleaning
- Customer Service 24/7 direct call access


- MyQuestMark Online Floor Management
- Maintenance Warranty Calculator
- Monthly/Quarterly inspections
- SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) readings
- Gloss readings in designated areas
- Inventory and inspection of cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment and procedures
- Scrub and burnish services
- Transferable Warranty - one (1) time
- Safety assessment and recommendations


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