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CentiMark hopes your business had a successful 2016. As we look back over the year, we are excited about what was accomplished and the foundation that has been established for the future. In 2017, we will continue to focus on our customers and their needs. When our customers make suggestions to procedures, protocols or communication processes, we take their ideas seriously and adopt their suggestions.

To better serve our customers and help to further improve your customer experience, CentiMark continues to invest in infrastructure and technology. One example of this is the upgrade of which now assists with job progress reporting and instantaneous communication with our customers. Directly from our project locations, we collect, store and analyze the precise location coordinates and photographic images of every repair, service, roof and floor installation. This will provide customers with current information about their project from the comfort of their office or on their mobile device.

CentiMark also launched an enhanced CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing automation program. The new program provides information, reports, data, dashboards, real-time communication and 360 degree customer knowledge all to help interface with our customers during the sales process and throughout the lifespan of a new or existing roof or floor.

We are now able to target our marketing efforts to specific segments of our database. This means we will be sending messages that are specific to your needs based on the information we know about your roof or floor such as condition, age and past work completed. The focus is to help you leverage the total spend for your roofing and flooring projects across your entire organization, help educate you on all of the services and benefits available, and how to be proactive with your decisions to maximize the life of your assets. Additionally, we will keep you abreast of the latest trends, changes and promotions taking place.

A highlight for QuestMark, the flooring division of CentiMark Corporation, is the launch of an updated QuestMark Online Catalog. The catalog features easier navigation, advanced check-out options such as reordering and visibility to your order status, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) products, SDS (Safety Data Sheets) and technical data sheets. The catalog features educational videos and product directions for the DIY product lines. In response to customer needs, two great features were added: Spending reports by product or location; and PunchOUT enabled catalog that allows customers to purchase needed products from their company procurement applications.

Labor Trends in the Construction Industry

Over the past years, the construction industry has had the challenge of labor and skilled workforce shortages. This trend is expected to continue into 2017.

At CentiMark, we work very hard to find the best qualified associates, from roofing crews to operations to sales to management. Both finding and developing a strong labor force is what truly differentiates one contractor from another.

To help overcome these challenges, CentiMark invests in recruitment, training and retaining our associates. Consistency in our workforce helps ensure quality workmanship and attention to details. Roofs and floors succeed or fail based on workmanship and details, not the materials. Having this done by an industry expert is critical for your business.

To help attract and maintain associates, CentiMark workers are part-owners of the company through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program). This gives our associates an added financial incentive to work smartly, efficiently and safely.

Steep Slope Offering

CentiMark customers have requested a roofing contractor that could provide both low and steep slope roofing solutions. With this in mind we have added steep slope roof solutions to our menu of roofing services. To facilitate nationwide service, CentiMark has partnered with Aspen Roofing, the largest shingle installer in the United States.

The steep slope market includes asphalt shingles, tile, slate, cedar shake, cedar shingles, metal and composites. It’s an exciting and challenging new venture that will bring new customers to our business and better meet the needs for our existing customers.

In addition to quality workmanship, one of the most unique customer benefits available to our National Accounts in the steep slope market is the shingle warranty. A 12 year warranty for both workmanship and materials had been offered as part of the partnership with Aspen Roofing. The additional benefits include:

  • Annual gutter cleaning
  • Annual inspection of the roof and nail pops repaired at no additional charge
  • Warranty covers flashings, pipe boots, vents and other roof features
  • Transferable shingle warranty

Traffic Deck Coatings

In response to customer needs, QuestMark added a new product line: Traffic Deck Coatings to provide solutions for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Important benefits from the coatings include skid resistance and superior waterproofing protection. The coatings are durable and protect from the effects for water, freeze/thaw cycles, environmental pollutants and chemicals from vehicle traffic.

QuestMark has also just launched Pavement Coating Systems as well. Please see the article below to learn more about the coating systems available and their features and benefits.

Thank you to all of our customers and vendors for your support in 2016. We look forward to the continued success of our partnerships in 2017.

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Pavement Coating Systems from QuestMark

17 028PavementCoatingsQuestMark is now able to coat any asphalt and concrete pavement with StreetBond® and Durashield, GAF’s innovative line of pavement coating systems. Pavement coatings are a great way to; extend the life of your pavement, transform your property with color and revitalize or rejuvenate your pavement.

StreetBond® coatings are specially formulated to:

  • Protect asphalt and concrete against UV, water, and chemical damage
  • Prevent cracking and deterioration
  • Keep pavement and environments cooler with solar reflective colors
  • Provide superior slip and skid resistance
  • Renew existing asphalt or concrete areas
  • Offer a water-based alternative that is safer for the environment

DuraShield pavement coating is engineered to last longer than typical asphalt coatings and is used in the preservation of asphalt parking lots and walkways. The wear properties of DuraShield pavement coatings are far superior to traditional asphalt emulsion seal coat products and won’t track onto adjacent surfaces like asphalt emulsion-based products.

What makes the StreetBond and DuraShield coatings last?

  • Proprietary acrylic polymer technology provides superior durability and protection
  • Designed to conform to the normal expansion and contraction of asphalt surfaces and will not peel, delaminate, shrink or crack
  • Excellent self-adhesion properties and can be reapplied to renew and refresh the surface and reestablish the protective weather barrier

StreetBond coatings are great for pedestrian and vehicular areas such as parking lots, crosswalks, sidewalks and entryways. Available in a wide array of colors including traditional, solar-reflective, cycle lane and custom colors, StreetBond pavement coatings can be used to create a more welcoming entrance for your facility or to help with directional signage. DuraShield pavement coating for parking lots is available in standard black.

All StreetBond and DuraShield products contain a 1 year manufacturer’s product limited warranty. As a Master Applicator, QuestMark also offers up to a 5 year extended warranty on StreetBond SB150 and a 3 year extended warranty on DuraShield and StreetBond SB120.

To Find out which coating is best for your pavement, contact us today. Fill out the form on the right.


 Detroit Muscle’s Floors Shine with Help from QuestMark

17 028DetroitMuscleMuscle car aficionados are most likely fans of the television show Detroit Muscle on PowerNationTV. Detroit Muscle demonstrates the step-by-step restoration and modification of 60s and 70s-era muscle cars, as well as the latest modern muscle machines.

QuestMark, a Division of CentiMark Corporation, recently completed work on Detroit Muscle’s garage floor using our premium epoxy floor products. The epoxy floor system was chosen because it is a high performance flooring product with an attractive appearance. Epoxy floors are easy-to-clean, increase light reflectivity and provide chemical resistance.

Detroit Muscle’s TV show shares the QuestMark floor installation process and the finished garage floor. And, Detroit Muscle’s crew works on a very interesting project car during the episode. Check out the show at the following times:

  • January 22 on Spike at 10:30 am EST
  • January 28 on CBSSN at 9:30 am EST
  • March 3 on NBCSN at 1:00 am EST

Make Sure your Roof is Safe from Snow and Ice

17 028SnowIceSafetyAs the winter weather is hitting the United States, remember the importance of snow and ice removal from your rooftop. Prevent roof or structural damage to your facility by having snow and ice removed soon after it accumulates. You will want a contractor who is:

  • Available 24/7 for emergency snow and ice removal
  • Prepared with proper equipment and techniques
  • Experienced with roof repairs if they are needed
  • Has Knowledge and follows all safety procedures with appropriate safety equipment

Fill out the form to request snow removal or to learn more about CentiMark’s snow and ice removal services, click here.






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